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Nice to see the team, keep up the great work!
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Nice intro! Thanks.

Question - Out of curiosity, what is the relationship between Metal2Mesh and RAZBAM again? Does Metal2Mesh provide the 3D models for RAZBAM? Something else...? Thanks.

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So awesome to see you guys *Razbam* you guys are multinational team VERY cool. Special Hi from United States NC to Razbam American dudes...Razbam Rocks
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Very cool to meet you guys. I'm particularly impressed and in awe at the fact you guys are from all over the world. An example of when people from all over the world work together, good things happen.
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Hello Team
Very nice to put faces to call signs,mine withheld, you may be eating or have small children around,lol
Intrigued by the last entry, that's an Argentinian Herc, so was that a Skyhawk we were looking from? Hhhmmm
Keep up the great work
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Thank you Razbam! As usual, great communication with your customers

Originally Posted by Teeter View Post

Respect Aleklicho, looks like real!

Your orders from ED have reached a total amount of $610,83 and your HW expenses are countless...
Reminder: You can´t invest your money much better until you wait for "GermanysNextTopModel": The Bo-105 PAH1A1

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Originally Posted by Teeter View Post

Let's just leave this here...

We're not quite ready to announce Alejandro's relevance to the RAZBAM team just yet, but we'll (hopefully) be ready soon. Let's just say, it'll be a RAZBAM first, and we can't wait to share it with you. We promise, you'll be surprised.
That appears to be an Argentine A-4, refueling from a KC-130, armed with a load of dumb bombs. That just screams Falklands War '82?
"If the MWS didn't see it, it didn't happen"
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Hi Team Razbam !

You guys are great ! Please keep it up, your products are awesome, it is great to have you developing aircraft for DCS !!
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Hallo Razbam
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Nice to meet y'all!! I enjoyed the bejesus out of your A-6 stuff in Strike Fighters!!! Thanks for your hard work!

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f-15e, harrier, m2000c, mirage, razbam

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