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Sir Gus
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Default Custom Plane Skins and Multiplayer

It would be nice when joining a server,to be able to automatically see the custom plane skins of other players.
Its 2018 after all..

Thank you for reading. S!
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No thanks, would rather not have to download masses of skins if I connect to a multiplayer server.

Used to be very frustrating back in the day when joining any HL or UT based game, connecting and then spending many minutes downloading skins before I could actually play.
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Would be a nice feature, but as in all things, make it optional from both the server and client points of view.
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Shadow KT
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Yeah, maybe an option, but no forcing.

If you have a big community which uses custom skins and plays together, you can always create a skin pack.

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I don't think you realize how much extra data traffic this would create. One skin for the Mig-21 can be over 500MB. If a server has to upload this to multiple users, the loading times would be astronomical.
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Red Dragon-DK
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Yes please. Just find a smart way to do it like they did in IL2. The copy you had in your cash folder was very small compared to the actual skin.
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Originally Posted by zhukov032186 View Post
Well said
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They should just get multiplayer loading screen crash problems sorted first...
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i dont want to see your skin
hahaha hey look at me i surely know more about aviation and coding than actual industry professionals hired for their competency because i have read jalopnik and wikipedia i bet theyve never even heard of google LOL
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