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As one of the 3 FragBum mentioned on the aerobatics server, the Gaz is a blast to fly (was the first time I'd tried the minigun version), trying to out fly each other or cause your pursuer to crash into trees.
I'm a Yak guy myself and this is the only Heli I have (so just love flying and am not into the weapons side of things), but am tempted by the Mi8 at some point.

Where's that BO-105.....
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Originally Posted by Quadg View Post
the autopilot is not really a cheat when you have a co pilot who sits there and refuses to help
I have very bad experience using the autopilot option.
It used to just for no reason make a hard brake and do some moves that resulted in a mast bump.
So i dont use it out of fear :-))

Originally Posted by Quadg View Post
but scrolling through the ADF up its range can take forever with a mouse.
Hold Shift while you scroll to make it scroll fast (it works in other modules as well)
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