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Originally Posted by Dagger71 View Post
My mistake I actually didn't even bother to look in the manual because it is included in the A10C graphical HOTAS chart (created by jeffyd123 one month after release) that everyone who flies the A10C should print out.
I seem to recall that you were somewhat passionate about the official DCS A-10C manual and the very precise wording in that document not too long ago. Do you agree it should be updated in this particular case?

I'm just asking to avoid yet another 25 pages of back and forth, in case I should post a wishlist request to get the manual corrected for the description of the Coolie Hat Up Long function.
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Ya I am unsure why they left it out. It is in the US airforce manual graphical chart from which they copied from.

But as for the rest of what you said, I would only want to see changes that make sense and not a complete re-wording to something never referenced anywhere.
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