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Default Throttle idle - cutoff control

As usual, I couldn't find this buried in the threads... I know it's somewhere, but here goes:

The throttle idle - cutoff control. Ells, you mentioned somewhere that it was intended to be used as a "hold" keybind to keep the throttle at cutoff when shutting the engine down, since for example in the Warthog throttle, the cutoff acts as if a button was held down.

Now I just encountered a problem with that, though mosh people probably won't find it. I use skripts (thrustmaster TARGET skript editor) to maximise my joystics usability, and as such, I need to bind the keybinds to the stick and throttle, that are then interpreted by the games as "this and this key is now being pressed on the keyboard".

Now, what happens after I shut down the hawk because of the way the idle - cutoff control works, is that the skript is (intentionally) spewing the keyboard output that the function is mapped to. This results in the keyboard being virtually unusable around 4 times a second. This makes leaving the aircraft difficult, when even the escape-key doesn't register on most tries.

So I kindly ask, would it be possible to change the bind to a "single press switches the throttle to the other position"? As this is how every other module has it.

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Danny is working on the keyboard controls right now so I'll take a look.
The Idle Cutoff I thought was an on/off trigger not a press and hold button.
I'll look at that tomorrow.
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Yeah warthod OFF is held so that when moved into the Idle it's released. Its well worth doing this please for the WH owners. If its a single bind you saved thousands of seconds of user work.
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The idle cutoff (idle stop lever) for the purpose of the simulator is an on/off switch.

In RL it is merely a mechanical stop to stop inadvertent HP cock off selection.

It has been fixed in the new key bind version, currently in testing.
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Good to hear! Thanks for the response.
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