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Default TM Warthog throttle now not working after 2 days of use

I used my brand new from NewEgg Hotas and after two days
my joystick and rudder pedals work fine, but now my
Throttle only gives me a message that USB device is not recognised
and I have read about bricked and other things but cant seem
to fix it. Tried it on a old 32bit laptop and it was not seen at all.

The target software used to see it when it worked and also does not see it now.

I tried doing the Throttle BULK driver and must have done it wrong.

I would really appreciate some help with this as I had to save
up for a long time to buy the best hotas on the market and to
have this happen after only two days is just terrible.

I have reinstalled drivers and everything I can think of.

I cant upgrade firmware and dont know whats up
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Send a message via MSN to Sokol1_br

Contact Tm support and if is the case use their warranty.

Warthog throttle "brick" is not a rare occurrence:
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....remember this from awhile back, may help
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I had problems with throttles mainboard plugins. If you open the baseplate (5 screws) and running all the plugs on mainboard with you fingers will it help? Also, check the grounding wire connections to baseplate.
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Originally Posted by crispy7 View Post
....remember this from awhile back, may help
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Yesterday I received a new PCB board in the mail and now My throttle is as good as new !!!

TM sure is nice !!! I am ok with my TM rudder to replace my broken Saitek Pro rudder
pedals, but I wish it was as easy to fix them as my throttle was. Saitek wont sell you
parts to fix things. I know there is a guy in england who sells green boards
but Im not sure its an exact replacement with the two plug ins that dont need to be soldiered ?

The TM rudder pedals are too close compared to the Saiteks, and do not have adjustable tension, which I like. Wish I could just send the whole thing to someone have get it fixed.
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I ordered a TM Warhog 2 days ago on Prime Day Amazon before knowing this bricked "bug", this scares me seriously because if there's any same thing happens to my joystick, I have to ship all the way back to the US which is 2 weeks to reach (shipping cost is expensive).
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There are tons more users who don't have an issue. So chances are, you should be fine.
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Other than electronic or wiring problems, often it is the user that "bricks" the Warthog. "brick" can mean, "I changed something and now it doesn't work".
Something as simple as changing the usb port it is plugged into can cause problems especially with Windows 10. Uninstalling and reinstalling not only the TM drivers but the Target software can solve a lot of those kinds of problems. I would say, remove those and re-install as if it was new before attempting to update the firmware or using the bootloader method unless of course you can confirm you have an out of date firmware.
Follow TM's instructions on these procedures to the letter if required.
TM states very clearly not to attempt a firmware upgrade while attached to a hub. I am not saying that is anyone's problem but simply some things to consider. It took me a while to get mine working again when I switched from a hub to onboard usb ports using Windows 10. I tried updating the firmware using a hub. All hubs are not created equal either. A hub with proper win10 drivers and an actual website with a support section is a far better route than using a non-supported hub. Uninstalling both Target and the TM drivers and restarting from scratch fixed everything for myself in that regard.
Hubs work fine for some right up until something changes.
Pick your usb ports and stick with them. Win10 is particular.
There are the odd non win10 usb devices that don't follow the win10 rules.
They can definitely cause problems stealing and re-ordering ports.
They don't know or follow the rules.
Food for thought.
I would buy another Wartog in a heartbeat.
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I borked my joystick doing a firmware update. I hate doing it now in case it happens again. Good luck and I hope you sort it soon.
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hotas, throttle

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