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Originally Posted by BoneDust View Post
Yes, sorry we've filled out quota for now.

We only take a few new recruits so we can focus on getting them trained and up to speed.

Will post when taking new pilots again.
Just curious as to the big splash of promoting your wing when not recruiting?
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11 Tactical Strike Group

Our mission statement:

“Maximise fun and flight time for all members while ensuring
that all members of community contribute equally to organise,
make and execute DCS multiplayer events.”

Who are we?
  • A Group of friends, that have met through DCS and are dedicated to organizing DCS multiplayer campaigns and having fun
  • Most of us (if not all) are former members of other clans where we have been running squadrons, training pilots and were making missions / campaigns to the extent that it became too difficult to balance clan work with real life obligations
  • Seasoned members of DCS community
  • Mission makers and active content creators
  • Experienced individuals in real life, husbands and fathers, professionals with demanding work obligations; that care about family, work and friends and will prioritise real life first

Who are we looking for?

  • Candidates that are looking to contribute to the Group they join, as we offer certainty that others within our Group will pull their weight
  • Mission makers, DIY, proactive candidates who can add real value to our community
  • People who know there are manuals and do read them before asking about basics (RTFM)
  • We are interested to receive offers from other Groups to fly together (PvP or PvE), provided both sides will contribute to such arrangements over period of time

For more details on current recruitment campaigns within our Group, check recruitment brochure below!



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Originally Posted by flycats2 View Post
Just curious as to the big splash of promoting your wing when not recruiting?
I thought we were, but the admins do not want to open it up until the current members are trained; which seems to be taking forever for me. I am a very active vpilot flying multiple flights a day and I'd like to see the membership grow so there are people to fly with, but its not my decision.

I've been looking at other wings as well, so I can fly more but haven't found any yet that seem to be a fit for me. I'm not into the rank structure and crap like that. I like realism balanced with the fact it is a sim, which the CVW1 has done well. They are just not active enough for me right now, but hopefully soon.

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im looking for a F18 squadron european based. Ideally someone that does a bit of PVP and does some campaigns and stuff together.

Im okay with mission editor, very good at making liveries and anything graphical and im keen to help out with that stuff regardless of where i go.

YouTube Channel
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Sent you a message Mr Sloanes
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The Salty Dogs

The Salty Dogs are looking for UK and EU members who are interested in flying the F18 and when it is released the F14. We are looking for mature members for good humoured banter and fun while trying to do carrier operations without sucking too badly.

I am a veteran myself and can offer LSO and GCI support to operations and have gone through other squadrons training to gain my carrier qualifications.

Liveries are TBC at the moment as I believe that all should have a say in what we fly in.

Our discord is https://discord.gg/yvq7nW if interested
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Any UK / EU squads taking A-10C pilots? I fly other aircraft but I'm concentrating on this for now. FA/18 will come in late when they have finished tweeking it.
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sundays 10 am to 6 pm uk local we fly campaign 1a 10 c in my sides pack
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Casual Flyers are freshly formed group with light attack airplanes in mind.

We are loosely based group and we don't mind if you are member of other squadrons as well. Feel free to hop in on out discord channel and fly with us.

We are sharing game in multiplayer, no dedicated server for now (due to well known reasons).

Rules are rather simple and in short, you are welcome unless you are troublemaker.

We Fly L-39, Hawk and C-101 mainly but our games also offer flying for all helicopters out there. Missions are adjusted to fit light attack plane abilities.

Anyway, if you are fond of light attack planes and you don't have place to use it, come to us and fly.

Casual Flyers

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Default Joint Operations Wing - Now Recruiting!


Who we are: Founded in 2017, the Joint Operations Wing (JOW) is a multinational coalition of squadrons representing the Royal Canadian Air Force, the United States Navy, and soon the Royal Air Force. We currently have seven active squadrons throughout the coalition of air forces that operate their squadron's real-world assigned aircraft with the purpose of simulating their flight operations.

What we do: The JOW conducts realistic but casual flight operations throughout the year in various phases. The dynamic flight schedule includes squadron level flight training in our training server, wing wide training exercises, and most importantly wing wide combat operations. Our training server provides squadrons an environment to conduct necessary training whether it be air-to-air refueling, honing in weapon skills on our weapons range, and many more available options. Our exercises mirror those of NATO war games, which helps provide the wing with prior training as a coalition of squadrons before deploying to combat. And finally, our wing wide combat operations put all our squadrons to the ultimate test by placing them together in a combat environment with various missions and tasks to achieve as a cohesive combat element.

Our culture: While the JOW practices realistic flight ops, the group also prides themselves on keeping it a casual flight simming experience. Within our group you'll find many wingmen that are always looking to conduct sorties with others and open to helping each other improve, a culture that we believe has been catalyzed by the amount of real world pilots and active duty military members. Unlike various other groups that like to conduct realistic military flight ops, we do not have assigned ranks and prefer to leave that kind of culture to the actual military, due to the belief that there's no need for that kind of friction in this kind of hobby.

Who we want: We're looking for pilots no matter what level of skill they find themselves at that are willing to accept the challenge of becoming a combat ready wingman in one of our various squadrons and that are ready to prepare themselves for an immersive combat flying experience.

Our Squadrons:

(RCAF Wing)
409 TFS - CF-188 Hornet
425 TFS - CF-188 Hornet
431 ADS - CT-114 Tutor
434 TFS - CF-116 Freedom Fighter (F-5E)
441 TFS - CF-188 Hornet

(USN Wing)
VFA-146 - F/A-18C Hornet
VF-211- F-14A/B (Coming Soon)
VMA-513 - AV-8B Harrier

If interested in joining, be sure to join our discord server https://discord.gg/vV9Bpz9

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689th tactical group, comunity, roster, squadron, training

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