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Established 11/22/2008 Last updated 1/25/2018
Group in the USA. stop buy all are welcome. TS3 server running 24/7 (address: DCM.teamspeak3.com). I do not require you to carry the [Merc] tags, and you can be a member of another flight group and fly with us when you want something a little different.

A little bit about how we work

***Attention freelance Mercenaries, Mercenary Groups and Private Military Companies!***

Welcome to the Digital Combat Mercenaries. This form is designed to guide you through the steps to joining the Mercenaries, and for you to decide your future within the Digital Combat Mercenaries world.

The DCM is unlike any other gaming community the choices you make, and how proficient of a pilot you are actually matters.

Within the DCM, you have the ability to earn virtual money by flying and completing contracts set up by mission commanders. We will come back to this later.

(continue reading here)
Home built PC Win 10 Pro 64bit, MB ASUS Z170 WS, 6700K, EVGA 1080Ti Hybrid, 32GB DDR4 3200, Thermaltake 120x360 RAD, Custom built A-10C sim pit, TM WARTHOG HOTAS, Cougar MFD's, 3D printed UFC and Saitek rudders. HTC VIVE VR.

TeamSpeak 3 LOGIN

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Default Virtual Tactical Fighter Squadron 161

Founded in 2003, the Virtual Tactical Fighter Squadron 161 "Mad Bulls" (Virtuelle Jagdstaffel 161, VJS 161) is a German squadron based at SAKI. We operate MiG-29S, F-15C and Su-27 in the A2A role. We enjoy online matches against other squads and also participated in several LOCERF exercises.
Training days are Monday (19:30 CET) and Thursday (21:00 CET).
Language is German with English Brevities, but international guests are welcomed every time (most of us speak English, too). Own TS server available. We always recruit.
kind regards,
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Vurtual Ground Attack Squadron
we are a very laid back group of people who like to have a good time, no bogus ranks to go through just a friendly bunch that like the blow things up Our age requirement is 18 and up. most of our members are in the US and the UK and we welcome anyone who wants to fly with us, from anywhere. We have around 20 members at the moment. We fly DCS:Warthog and Black Shark, and Flaming cliffs 2. And we love us some ArmA 2 as well



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We at Global Naval Strike Force play a few sims trying to cover aspects of modern warfare whilst striving for realism in a structured environment. We play Falcon 4: Allied Force, Ghost Recon, Dangerous Waters [and 688(I) Hunter/Killer for anyone that wants the occasional retro-style dive].

As soon as we spotted DCS: Black Shark, we were certain that we should add this game to our collection in order to cover the area of helicopter warfare. After a lot of work on creating a proper reporting system, a set of rules and a map pack, we now officially support DCS: Black Shark and would be very glad to see you join our big family.
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All of us here at RWCG "Real World Conflict Gaming" invite you to be our guest. We run a number of military combat simulations. Such as LOMAC, Falcon 4.0, IL2, Pacific Fighters, Dangerous waters, and now DCS! We run a 24/7 Ventrilo server.

All servers are donated and maintained by our members. Right now we host more titles than we have servers for so some servers rotate what is being hosted. New servers are to be added very soon to accomodate our eventual 24/7 DCS server!! Our 24/7 LOMAC server is still running strong! Please visit our site http://realworldconflictgaming.com

RWCG itself is still very new and the website may reflect this. We decided to bring all of these great simulations and our servers under one banner.. United we stand divided we fall right? We have a relaxed and laid back group of people and even offer training and help to new users for all titles! Come on in.. register on the site and from there join us in game and in Vent

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Still recruiting


We are a multi-gaming squadron that currently has several members, primarily in North America, flying Falcon: BMS, IL-2, and occasional Rise of Flight sortie. With our previous experience in ArmA2 we are also starting to get our feet wet in ArmA3.

Check us out at: The War Hawks We are currently recruiting any and all adults that are looking for a drama free on-line experience, regardless of your flight sim experience.

Recruiting Video Here

Whether a seasoned veteran of flight sims or someone who is just getting started in online simming, the friendly atmosphere and helpful members of the War Hawks has a place for you. Take a look at the website, particularly the About Us page and see if what we have to offer is what you're looking for, then head over to the Recruitment page and fill out an application.

The War Hawks

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Default Seawolves

Seawolves also has a flying squadron. we are using Blackshark, Allied Forces, and Lockon.


We also have virtual wars with other squadrons. Most of these are Coop missions. some head to head action.
Seawolves is the oldest online sim group. They started out playing 688 Submarine games and expanded into other sims.

Fireball VFA35
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Default =AIE=

The AIECLAN is a dutch speaking unit, we have a forum and use mumble to communicate (something like Teamspeak)

we started a black shark team, for now only 3 people are in it.
So we are looking for more Dutch speaking members to join us.

feel free to look at our website www.aieclan.eu
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Default 127 Th Sibérian Tiger

127Th Siberian Tiger

Bonjour a tous,la 127Th Siberian Tiger est une escadrille virtuelle évoluant sur DCS Black Shark 1 et 2 ,elle a vue le jour grâce a des passionnées d aviation et (surtout ) d'hélicos,nos objectifs sont basé sur la détente ,le plaisir d évoluer sur une simu d 'hélico et Surtout ne pas ce prendre la tête ,pour l instant c est une Jeune escadrille qui ne demande qu a évoluer en fonction des demandes de ses pilotes .aucun niveau n 'est demandé a l ' inscription que vous soyez pilote débutant ou pilote aguerris,vous êtes les bienvenue,,nous assurons la formation de nos pilotes et préparons au 3 Vols online Par semaine
nous disposons d un Pôle technique ( pratique pour régler les problème de joystick,vidéo et autres) ainsi qu un bar , mais nous avons aussi d autres séctions que je vous laisse découvrir

pour nous rejoindre rien de plus simple il suffit de cliquer sur la bannier en bas ou sur ce lien => 127 Th Siberian Tiger

English Version:

Hi alls,

the 127Th Siberian Tiger is a french virtual squadron evolving/moving on DCS Black Shark 1 & 2, it was born thanks to impassioned of aviation and (especially) helicopter, our objectives are based on the relaxation, the pleasure of evolving/moving on a simu ' helicopter and Especially not this to take the head, for urgent is a Young squadron which does not ask for qu has to evolve/move according to the requests of its pilots no level is asked has inscription which you are pilot beginning or pilot aguerris we thus lay out a technical Pole (practical to regulate the problem of joystick, video and others) qu a bar, but we have as different sections as let to you discover you summers the welcome

to join us nothing simpler it is enough to click on this Link => 127 Th Siberian Tiger

Escadron Snow Léopard

Version Française:

voici une petite présentation d un nouvelle Escadron évoluant sur DCS A-10C Warthog

Fort de notre expérience sur DCS :Black Shark ,et pour le 2éme Anniversaire de l’Escadrille 127Th Sibérian Tiger,nous ouvrons officiellement un nouvelle Escadron dédié à DCS :A-10C Warthog ,voici une petite présentation

L’escadron :

-nous avons ouvert l’Escadron « Snow Loépard » pour ceux qui veulent évoluer sur DCS : A-10C Warthog .le tout dans la détente, la bonne humeur et le plaisir de progresser sur une simu Réaliste (chez nous pas prise de tête)

les pilotes :

-aucun niveau n’est demandé à l’inscription, que vous soyez pilote débutant ou pilote aguerris, l’entraide est l’une des meilleur façons de progresser, nous assurons la formation de nos pilotes et préparons plusieurs vols online Par semaine
, vous trouverez toujours
Quelqu’un pour vous aider ou vous conseiller en cas de problèmes logiciel ou matériel

Planning des vols :

- nous organisons 2 vols par semaines (un vol d’entraînement et un vol officiel (plus réaliste) )
-vous pouvez aussi rejoindre un vol libre quand bon vous semble (vol organisé en dehors des vols d entraînement et des vols officiels) .

Communications :
nous disposons d’un Serveur Team Speak 3 ,Performant, simple d’utilisation et léger (ne prend presque pas de bande passante) avec une qualité sonore remarquable. TeamSpeak 3 introduit de nouveaux codecs qui améliorent la qualité audio et la gestion de la bande passante. TeamSpeak 3 intègre également de nombreuses options (son en 3D, gestion des mots de passe, utilisation d’Avatars perso etc.).

English Version:

With our experience in DCS: Black Shark, and the 2nd Squadron 127th Anniversary of the Siberian tiger, we open a new Squadron officially dedicated to DCS: A-10C Warthog

The squad:

we have opened the Squadron "Snow Loepard" for those who want to move on DCS: A-10C Warthog. all in a relaxed, good humor and fun to make progress on a realistic simulation (in our not-brainer)

pilots :

any level, is required for registration, whether you are begining pilot ,average pilot or good Pilot , assistance is one of the best ways to grow, we train our pilots and prepare several flights online Weekly
You will always find
Someone to help you or advise you in the event of hardware or software problems

Flight planning:

- We organize two flights per week (on a training flight and an official flight (more realistic))
you can also join a free flight whenever you like (rip-off of flight training and official flights).

Communications: we have a Team Speak Server 3, Powerful, easy to use and lightweight (does almost no bandwidth) with outstanding sound quality. TeamSpeak 3 introduce new codecs that improve the quality and management of audio bandwidth. TeamSpeak 3 also includes many options (3D sound, managing passwords, personal use of Avatars etc.)..


Pays : France
Langue utilisé : Français
Période d'activité : tous les jours
activité Online : Entrainements, Missions, Campagnes ( 3 Missions par Semaines) et vol Inter-Escadrille
Communication: serveur Team Speak 3
Simulateur utilisées :DCS WORLD 1.5 -=KA50 (BS 2),MI-8,MIG 21 And SU25T =-

English Version:

Origin Country: France
Language: French
Activitesperiod: Almost ervery day
Online Activities: Training, Missions, Campaign ,Squad Match ( 3 Missions per Week) and Coop
Communication: dédicate Team Speak 3 server
Game Version :DCS WORLD 1.5 -=KA50 (BS 2),MI-8,MIG 21 And SU25T =-
La Plume est plus forte que l epee

Amateurs de voilures tournantes,les inscriptions sont ouvertes

BS 2/MI-8/MIG 21 DOC en Français =>Dispo ICI

DCS WORLD Mes contributions => Cliquer LA

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Regiment Patch

-------------------------------1st "Eagles" Squadron------------------------------2nd "Tigers" Squadron--------------------------3rd "Swallows" Squadron

Squadron: 279KIAP Regiment = Su-33's and Su-25T's
Pilots: 2 Fighter Pilots
Language: English (unofficial-Afrikaans)
Online Activites: Trainings and HyperLobby
Activitesperiod: Almost ervery day
Squadron Server: None at this time
Forum: http://279kiap.forumotion.net/
Communication: Regiment Team Speak 2 Server IP:
Structure: Full training program available
Ian "Snake" Gelderman, #83 279KIAP Regiment

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689th tactical group, comunity, roster, squadron, training

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