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Even back in August I paid with CC and I’m pretty sure that was a preorder because it was still a couple months to receive my items. Anyways, I do 100% of my transactions online. The only reason I set foot in the bank is once every 5 years to renew mortgage. Virpil’s other option is to build my order and bill me and let me pay my CC when it’s ready to be shipped. Why isn’t that being done?
And I’m not saying that I don’t trust Virpil, but with my CC I have protection. Against any online purchases. With a bank draft, Virpil can receive my money and in a month from now, shut the doors and I would be out over $1000 CDN. You have to understand our side if things as well and accommodate your customers too.

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Yes we certainly understand that not every will want to do this - it's a compromise that has been made to try to accommodate those that have requested it from us.

However, as previously mentioned, the pre-orders are only running for a limited time. After the pre-orders have closed you will be able to order from available stock using the usual payment methods
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Had to cancel my pre order, credit union refuses to handle these types of transactions, "it's not in your terms of service" excuse. Unfortunately there is no competition in banking locally, so its a dead end.
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