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Default [NO BUG] Friendlys have hostile symology

Friendlys have hostile symology Targets with '' ^ '' symbology are hostile right. so why is it when l lock a certan target up l get a jester call saying you locked a friendly. BUG ? thay are sometimes friendly indeed. when l lock up a hostile target up in STT via jester menü l get a call saying you locked up a friendly. is it jesters fault marking friendlys as hostile ? does jester also lock up friendlys in TWS mode if there are friendlys and hostiles ahead, so when l fire aim -54s will the aim-54s track friendlys aswell ? in my understanding jester prioritises targets so he should not be priritesing friendlys right. Not shure if this is a bug or if this is the way this OLD DUCK works

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it probably just takes him longer to mark them if there are many. but in general he will mark them as friendly. in the f14 targets have to be manually marked as friendly, or the TID will remain indifferent to them, this can take time if there are more target and/or the environment is fluent.

We will take a look though.
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When the target got the "^", he is marked as hostile already - isn't it?
Otherwise it would be unknown with the half or full circle.
So when you lock onto a ^ -target it should never be a friendly in theory - right?
Additionally: when I lock a bogey (=unknown=unidentified=half/full circle), Jester should not call him "friendly" but "bogey". After he identified/IFF'd the target he should declare the contact (again) to clarify (still bogey/ friendly/ bandit).
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Originally Posted by -Painter- View Post
So when you lock onto a ^ -target it should never be a friendly in theory - right?
In theory, yes, but in practice it can happen, that as a RIO you misidentify a contact, especially in a contact rich environment with friendly and hostiles mixed inbetween. If Jester has mistaken a friendly as a hostile and has assigned the ^ to it, he shouldn't call it out as a friendly though.
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