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I keep restarting the campaign. The first airfield reflects only cold war aircraft but any other base has su27 and mig 29. I can't figure it out. Also, for some reason, the damn map screen has been cut to a quarter of its original size.
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Hello, When going for the SEAD/ Strike mission, the list of unit is so long and no way to scroll down to select commit. Is there anyway to scroll or zoom out so I can select commit
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So I tried this today. Loving the idea. However, actual function didn't turn out great for me.

So I started a new campaign on caucasus. Bought 12 F/A-18C's and put on Suganlug starting point. So first mission I chose strike/sead, assign 4 AC as Strike pkg, 4 as SEAD, and 4 as escort, where as 1 client slot inside the strike pkg.

I click to enable AWACS and launch the mission.

My (strike) package spawns in, and escort package is spawned in the air. The SEAD package or AWACS is NOT spawned in. 5 minutes into my flight, the escorts have vanished (crashed somehow).

I proceed to target anyway. We encounter 2 Mig-23's and shoot them down. 2 of my wingmen drop all their strike ordnance. We get to target and I start bombing until I run out of bombs. Tell #2 wingman that still has bombs, to "Engage mission and rejoin" upon where he decides to go down low on the weird ingress he's taking, skims the tree tops and then crashes into the forest. We return to base with 1 80%-ish target destroyed and 9 blue hornets destroyed.

EDIT: I understand this comes off as very negative. Don't get me wrong! I love this idea! Sadly it doesn't work properly for me. I tried several times with new campaign, trying different packages and mission. It was hit and miss, mostly miss in regards to what was expected to happen. I'm guessing due to changes in DCS that makes this tool not work as good as it perhaps once did?

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Sadly DCS AI is not capable of somehow independent smart behavior. As long as ED does not finally start to improve the gameplay aspect we are stuck with what we have. Thats not the fault of the campaign developer. This is lack of involvement of ED in their campaign/mission system.

This is what upsets me the most. While the community does this incredible job with all these impressive dynamic Campaign/mission stuff ED is not anywhere near on improving main gameplay features like AI dyn. campaign engine and other core features of the simulation. Even the campaigns we buy in store are made mostly by 3rd party.

But they announce every month a new module in development. Great!

You can not charge someone for improved AI. Sad truth...
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Yes. I fully agree with you. I'm indeed very thankful that we have such a driven community that supplies most of the gameplay/mission/campaign content.

So however, back to topic, sure there are aspects of my experience with this that are due to DCS AI, but I'm sniffing some issues might be down to bugs in this framework, possibly due to changes in mission layout tables and/or in DCS code in general. There's been many updates to DCS since the last update of DCS Liberation. Perhaps it did work as intended when released.

Is no one else having issues? Maybe I'm the dummy doing something wrong? I'd really like this to work as I imagine the designer intended it to work. As I was saying above, loving the concept!

@shdwp how's it going? Is the project still alive? Got any suggestions for me to get better results?

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I saved the debriefing file to the correct path but it doesn't work!

When I saved the debriefing file, this code appeared in the cmd window.
Exception in thread Thread-2:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "threading.py", line 916, in _bootstrap_inner
File "threading.py", line 864, in run
File "userdata\debriefing.py", line 191, in _poll_new_debriefing_log
File "userdata\debriefing.py", line 95, in parse
UnicodeDecodeError: 'cp949' codec can't decode byte 0xec in position 32: illegal multibyte sequence

waiting for result..
Only this is shown and no results are produced.

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anybody know if it's possible to change to a different country? I'd like to fly as Canada...
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Have some technical questions. Is there a way to limit the max level of tech to say ww2 or Korea era Incase I just want to have Sabre’s v migs or mustangs and 109s?
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I can't believe this has been around for a year and I didn't know about it!

I've built dozens of fairly elaborate DCS missions, geared towards multiplayer. This is an excellent tool, as it takes care of the toughest aspect of mission design for me, which is the creative process.

I use the campaign manager to create the mission, I then open the miz file and modify it to fit my needs according to how many people are flying and their skill levels. I add side missions such as SEAD/DEAD and such for the extra players.

A few minor bugs I've noticed:

-AI aircraft will often smash into the ground a few minutes into mission start because they are spawned and orbit at too low an altitude. This bonks the whole mission as all aircraft must clear 25 feet to trigger units. In the miz I am unable to raise the AI aircraft start point, for whatever reason it's fixed around 3k agl. The fix here is to delete all other unit conditions from the "push" trigger except a single client/human unit.

-It would be great if there was a way to perpetuate units placed manually in the miz, so if you add something, it's included in the next iteration.

Awesome job with this, it's really a great tool. Thank you for the effort.
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I would like to +1 the above. Unbelieveable that i didnt know about this. I guss with everyone always talking about how dcs doesnt ahve a good dynamic campaign i never bothered to look. It's not the be all and end all but its seriously impressive given the tools available and i am having alot of fun conquering the caucasus right now. Next step, PG!

Thank You
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campaign, dynamic campaign

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