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Default Developer Assistance Requested (If Possible)


My friend (I know we all say that) is bed bound in a horizontal position for long periods of time and the rest is spent in a wheelchair. When playing in bed he looks at the sky and not forward. He is using the HTC Vive.

I have contacted Vive and received the following message.

Nate (VIVE)

May 16, 18:29 CST

Dear Tim,

Thank you for contacting HTC VIVE Support. We are sorry happy to hear about your interest in our product.

In regards to your enquiry concerning resetting the headset's default center position, we would like to inform you that this is identified by the content itself as the headset will be always tracked in 360 field.

Is there anyway an adjustment could be made from within the DCS World code to offset the horizontal position.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and make a grumpy veteran smile (a bit )
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you can re-center where DCS's 'center' is once in sim with the UI bounds 'center HMD' option, so what i'd suggest for you to do is this..

1. with out the headset on your friend go into the Control settings, click the tab to get to UI and then bind something to the Recenter HMD option
2. quit and load the game in with your mate in the headset.
3. once it's loaded hit the recenter button.. boom were ever he is looking is now 'Forwards' and the ui menu etc should be right there.
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This might not be releated... but in case that there are problems with the VR device drifting a little bit all the time so he have to recenter the view, then do a calibration a bit away from magnetic things such as loudspeakers and even your monitor for best experience.
( do it example 1m away from anything electric. ).

Regarding centering, then im not sure if steam will allow you to do a calibration and recenter when you lay down or sit in a 45 degree angle. but maybe

But you can try to recenter ( run the room scale program and select small play area ) and see how it goes.. maybe the game will be okay with a non perfect horisontal pointing vr headset.
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