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Originally Posted by Pizzicato View Post
Is there a revision list for the June 5th update to the Hornet guide? It appears to have increased from 311 pages to 356 since I last grabbed a version.

I've looked through this thread a couple of times all the way back to early May, but I can only see the references to the updates of the Mirage and Tomcat guides, and the release of the F-16 and P-47 guides.

Apologies I'm being dense/blind, and missing something really obvious.

Thanks, as ever, for the amazing guides, and the immense volumes of research and work they so clearly involve.

The Hornet guide changelog is available here:

Revision History:
  • 05/06/2020: Fixed Walleye Datalink tutorial
  • 31/12/2019: Added JHMCS LHACQ and HACQ mode descriptions
  • 30/12/2019: Added TWS Radar Mode section (including RAID & EXP sub-modes), added AGM-62 Walleye II procedure with and without AWW-13 Datalink pod
  • 16/11/2019: Corrected Air-to-Ground Weapon Tutorial 2.7 GPS Guided Ordnance (JDAM/JSOW with Targeting Pod & TOO Mode) with latest logic implemented
  • 31/08/2019: Corrected IFF tutorial procedure to use Sensor Select Depress switch
  • 28/08/2019: Added bookmarks
  • 26/08/2019: Updated Sensors Section with LITENING II Targeting Pod, Added AGM-65E Maverick, AGM-84D Harpoon (BOL & R/BL), GPS-Guided Ordnance (Targeting Pod), and GBU-12 (Laser-Guided) Tutorials, Updated IFF & Datalink Section, Added hyperlinks in Table of Contents, Fixed Typos
  • 21/07/2019: Updated Start-Up Procedure, Added IFF & Datalink Section, Added AGM-65F Maverick, AGM-88C HARM (TOO & SP), GBU-38 JDAM (Pre-Planned), AGM-154 JSOW (TOO), AIM-9X (JHMCS) & AIM-120 Tutorials, Re-wrote Sensors Section & Updated Radar Modes, Added FPAS page description, Fixed Typos
  • 13/01/2019: Fixed typo in the Air-to-Air Radar Azimuth Scale Description
  • 30/07/2018: Added Case III Recovery (ICLS Landing) Tutorial
  • 21/06/2018: Added IFF section in Radar & Sensors section, updated radio tutorial, radar section, carrier operation procedures, RWR section, catapult takeoff trim table, and AoA Indexer tables
  • 12/06/2018: Added hyperlink to Backy51’s Checklist and Redkite’s Controls Template
  • 11/06/2018: Typos corrected, updated RWR section, corrected Carrier Landing procedure
  • 9/06/2018: Initial Release
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Thanks a lot, Chuck. Much appreciated. I’ll remember that link for future reference.
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