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This seems like a no brainer and not too complicated to implement
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Originally Posted by JSOMaverick View Post
Has anyone found a way around this yet? As I keep going through files and files just looking to find something that will aid in adding smoke to the jet?
sorry, I forgot to attach the picture in my previous post.

it's simple: unlimited fuel... then a little bit tweaking the fuelleakage.lua
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I sincerely hope this is the last feature they add.
Years ago, when half the stuff we have now was a wish list. We just posted about rain effects, different seasons. We talked about different maps and aircraft. Now we have most of it, we have all this "elitist" come in that just want to post about what they deserve and what they are entitle to because they pay. They just keep crying and whining how horrible DCS is and how much they got robbed. They keep taking my shiny toy and trowing it in the trash because is not good enough for them.
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