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Yes - I've noticed an apparent increase in power and/or lift on the Huey in the past week, wherein using the same loadouts, I get noticeably better lift in hover, and higher cruise speed. I am also easily able to complete the UN Pilot campaign mission involving the rescue of a downed pilot ('Diego'). Before, I did not have enough power to get out easily after picking up the downed crew. Now there is plenty of power to lift off and climb away.

As to engine fires, I don't know why so many people have trouble managing their exhaust gas temperature. I never give myself engine fires anymore (had lots when 1st learning Huey) - I leave that to enemy action now. Just back off the collective if your EGT dial gets above the green zone, and if you need to go above the green zone for take-off, make sure to back off as soon as you can - within a minute or so and once you have transitioned to forward flight. Then check your EGT dial occasionally - especially after a change in collective or flight regime (like if you have to start climbing over a mountain, hauling a sling load, or something) to make sure that you are not inadvertently running above green zone. Easy-peasy.

If you cannot stay in the air and in the EGT green-zone at the same time, then you are overloaded and need to reduce weight. This is why pilots do a hover test - to see if they can get in the air while staying within safe limits. Remember that you can't take a full fuel tank, weapons, and passengers. You have to trade-off between these three things when preparing for flight. Watch your total weight on the weapons configuration window. If you are taking troops, leave a margin of 200 lbs per extra passenger.

Also, some weapons are lighter - mini-guns for your door gunners weigh a LOT more than M60s, for example. Most on-line missions don't require more than 50% fuel load or so.

If you use auto-pilot (simulate allowing other pilot to fly) be careful to set your collective well in the green zone first, and monitor EGT dial anyway, because auto-pilot sometimes will run EGT in the red, even though you handed off in the green. If you just assume auto-pilot knows what it's doing then you may wind up with an engine melt-down.

The Huey works fine if you follow the flight operating restrictions outlined in the manual and visible on your flight instruments.

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Thank you Fence. Been saying the same thing on a couple different threads in this section. Between me, you, and the 229th guys maybe we'll get through to them eh?
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