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Incredible texture work. I didn't think you could improve much more over the ecellent Viggen textures, but wow!
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This is so amazing Work , I cant believe whats coming to DCS !!
Reading this news update simply blew my Mind...
Seems we need to get a second virtual life to master the F14 finally
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This is awesome!!
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Simply wow,

thanks for the look inside Nicholas and the whole Team.
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Great work guys. Exactly the level of quality I've come to expect from you all. I'm so excited to fly her.
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Absolutely amazing. Fantastic texture work, fantastic system depth and best of all, JESTER AI. It looks like Heatblur will set the bar for every other DCS module.
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Fantastic update thanks Heatblur!

Although I have noticed a bit of a problem.... I'm afraid the radar screen is modelled incorrectly

Below you can see a screenshot of the radar from the documentary movie Top Gun from the 1980s, it clearly shows that the Tomcat radar has 360 degree sweep!

Keep up the great work guys! We can't wait to get our hands on this!

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Holy cow!
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Another exceptional product development by an exceptional developer!
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Red Dragon-DK
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Thanks for this great update. I´m very exited
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