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Originally Posted by Acidictadpole View Post
We have a PGAW concept in the works. Definitely on the table but no ETA yet.
Wow, thats awesome news!

I would also love to see some ships for my Viggen, if that would be possible in the future .

I know this is not a thread for suggestions, but would there be a possible way to (maybe) assign ground targets per slot?
I'm more the A2A guy, but when I like to go A2G, it is always dissapointing when you arm up your plane, enter waypoints or do a mission plan, take off and realize that this A10C is just on in two minutes on that spot and will erase everything...
Groundtargets should, of course, be seen by everyone, but the marker on the map could be done per slot, or at least, per group...
And maybe there would be a possible way to remove the marker as soon as the target is destroyed...
Thank you so much for hosting that awesome server!

Just double up the available slots
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