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Dormicum... Nineline is ED personnel. He has said like 15 times they're 'aware' and 'working on a solution'. At this point I suppose he's getting tired of repeating himself.

These kind of negotiations don't happen overnight. They've said, over and over, they're talking to VEAO and will let us know when there is something to tell. It's only been a very short time.
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Haven‘t been aware that NineLine is ED staff and giving official statements. Community manager as title in a forum ist for me not automatically a person who is giving official statements in such cases. Good to know how this works here.
In my opinion a sticky with a title like „statement of ED“ would have been more helpfull than repeating answers in threads of other people over and over again. Don‘t get me wrong: I‘m not blaming anyone here but telling you my story and impressions with suggestions how to improve for the next time if (hopefully not) something like tis happens again.
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Originally Posted by D0rmicum View Post
giving official statements in such cases.
There is already one a statement from both VEAO and ED

Quit opening threads (Not at you personally but everytime i view the forums its the same thing) ..........................
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Agreed. These repeated threads are getting fairly annoying now and complaining about the same points which many users have already pitched in their thoughts on.
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