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Default DCS Mission Editor Task question

Can someone tell me me why sometimes when I set commands or tasks the commands or tasks are greyed out instead of white? For example I might put down a tanker make a waypoint and tell it to fly an orbit turn on its tacan and act as a tanker but one or two of the tasks will be grey and the other will be white? Thanks for your time!

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If I'm not mistaken, when you assign a tanker the task on the menu bar, on the right hand side of the mission editor, it will have the tanker task through all of its waypoints. As a result, it will respond to rejoin requests at anytime during the flight, regardless of where it is on its flight path. This is subject to the exception that if RTB on bingo is set true (or checked), it will go straight home and won't respond to anything. If you delete that task (the one that is in all waypoints) and instead add the tanker task say, for example, at waypoint 5 and ends at waypoint 8, it will only respond to rejoin requests after it reaches 5 and will cease after reaching 8. Also, if you have orbit at 7, it will orbit at 7, to the waypoint 8 point, but will not trigger waypoint 8.

This is my experience, and someone may have other information / experience that may be along shortly.

Hope this helps.
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From DCS Manual (folder DCS World Openbeta/Doc) page 206-207 :

"Additionally, black, grey and red font colors are used to denote: grey – automatically generated action; white – valid action; red – invalid action. "

Disclaimer : seems to be a bit of confusion with colors in text and in exemple pictures (just above : black, grey and red instead of white, grey and red. Same in the exemple picture label for white action described as grey…)
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