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I just take a first look into the flight manual have have to say: Good job!

One of the clearest DCS flight manuals, I saw/ read, very beautiful.
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Thank you. I'll read it over the holidays. Have a merry Christmas

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Many thanks and merry Christmas! Nice reading for my holidays.
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Thx and Merry Christmas Aviodev.
Muchas gracias y feliz Navidad Aviodev. Tenía muchas ganas de tener el manual de mi C-101. Ahora a por el C-101 CC. Animo.

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Thanks and Merry Christmas Aviodev
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Thanks a lot!
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It looks great! Impressive piece of work.
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Originally Posted by peyvolt View Post
Hi all:
The C-101EB Flight Manual is now available, this is a near final version, only some minor corrections could be made in the following days. The CC Flight Manual will follow when releasing the module, it will be added as an annex, so it won't affect the printed version.

You may download the Manual from the following link or wait for next update, were you will find it inside the Docs folder.

Merry Christmas to all and thank you very much for supporting us and believing in our project.
Peyvolt, thank you very much. Good job on the flight manual, which I think is exceptionally well done.

Here is a list of small errors/typos I noticed when overflying the first 24 pages. If you want, I can assemble a full list:

p. 9
manufactured by the Spanish Company (-> company) ...
... used for aircrafts (-> aircraft) designed by CASA
On the 16th of September of 1975 (-> insert comma) the ...
... of more advanced aircrafts (-> aircraft), ...
... The (-> the) Western Sahara was still in Spanish hands ...

p. 10
... which reduced the consumption (-> insert commma) but on the other hand ...
Afterwards (-> insert comma) the high speed tests ...
... Royal Aircraft Establishment at Bedford (-> remove unnecessary space), ...
(-> Remove space) On the 27th of June, ...
On the 29th (-> insert comma) the Aviojet was ...

p. 11
Figure (-> insert 1-1) C-101EB
Figure (-> insert 1-2) C-101BB

p. 12
... as the C-101BB (-> insert comma) but with ...
However (-> insert comma) this possibility was canceled
Figure (-> insert 1-3) C-101CC
CASA developed finally (-> finally developed) an improved version ...
Figure (-> insert 1-4) C-101DD

p. 13
Figure (-> insert 1-5) Patrulla Águila
... is the limited performances (-> performance) of the airplane itself, ...

p. 15
one center and two outer, being the outer tanks used for ferry flights.
-> one center and two outer tanks - the outer tanks are used for ferry flights.

p. 16
Basic Dimensions: right-align values
10.0 (-> remove the space)° TKOFF
30.0 (-> remove the space)° DOWN
m2 -> m² (3x)
WEIGHTS: right-align values
Maximum weight (-> Weight) ...
5366 kg.... (11830 lb (-> lbs))

p. 21
Figure 3-2 Foward (-> Forward) Lower Panel
Figure 3-3 Foward (-> Forward) Left Panel

p. 22
Figure 3-4 Foward (-> Forward) Right Panel
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Finally arrived! Thanks!
One of the best book for christmas.:-)
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