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Default VEAO Spitfire Mk XIV Dev Diary

Hi Guys,

Thought it was bout time that I started the Dev Diary for the Spitfire Mk XIV.

I am pleased to confirm that this will be the 3rd aircraft to be released in the Warbirds Collection.

At the moment we have been gathering data, speaking to pilots and getting reference material together for the aircraft as well as making some technical decisions regarding what model and layouts we are going to use.

Obviously its no shock to anyone that with the help of the TFC and the guys at Duxford we have access to their Mk XIV which helps us alot!

I for one am really looking forward to getting some Griffon power into DCS!

A few things that I can confirm ...

We are primarily looking to do the clipped wing variant with a bubble (low back) canopy. Although after suggestion from one of the forum guys we think we have a way of enabling full tips as an option in the mission editor. I cant confirm that this will 100% be done for sure until we try and actually put it in the sim but I am confident that we will be able to work something out.

For the moment at least we will not be able to implement different fuel grades this is something that we may look at later, so for the time being we will work on the assumption of 21lbs with 150 octane. Although it should be noted that although alot of MkXIV's had the conversion done severe damage was often the result of overuse, I have seen under 5 minutes being quoted on several documents. So this will be a short one hit wonder unless I can verify that it was able to be used for longer periods. Some references show it only being used to try and catch V1's. I will continue to investigate this as the EFM and ASM are developed.

Primary weaponary will be the stock weapons for the Mk XIV.

GGS, we havent decided about this yet, I would like to have this as an editable option within the ME, but we will have to see what is technically possible when it comes round to it. GGS is used on other aircraft in our roadmap so its def in my mind but until we actually try some stuff we cant say for sure.

The model will be started in late September to be ready early November (So watch our VFAT fans!)

EFM is already starting in its basic form as well so we are on track for release after the Bearcat.

All the best everyone

VEAO Consumer Products Manager

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Nice! thanks for the info Pman looking forward to having this in my hanger
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good news everywhere :3
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great news, thanks for sharing it with us.
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This is great, thanks for posting. Much as I'm looking forward to DCS' Spitfire IX, this is the one best able to counter the Dora and the 109K.
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Originally Posted by ATAG_Snapper View Post
This is great, thanks for posting. Much as I'm looking forward to DCS' Spitfire IX, this is the one best able to counter the Dora and the 109K.

Indeed, its going to be a beast!
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Great news as ever Wingtip otions will be nice if you can manage it. And a bit of Griffon power is just fine imo.
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Very good news!
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Originally Posted by Pman View Post
Some references show it only being used to try and catch V1's. I will continue to investigate this as the EFM and ASM are developed.
An at what point can we expect an announcement on an AI V1 add-on?

Notice how I took what you said entirely out of context to emphasize my point

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