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Default How to ‘auto-start’ the Hawk?

Hi. Right now, I spend my DCS’s play time on ‘Nevada + Mirage + Hawk + F-16A (mod)’.
I’m already capable of ‘cold start’ the Hawk; the Mirage is almost assimilated…

Usually, I play solo. Startup the plane from the parking area, do my mission and shutdown the plane, after landing.

Well, last night I’ve tried multiplayer. Instead of spending time starting the Hawk/Mirage, I wanted to ‘auto start’ it and spend my waiting time, studding the target área (F10).
I think it’s ‘RShift + Home’ keys to auto-start on DCS. The problem is, it didn’t work! Everyone was taking off and I was still on the parking area, ‘waiting for alignment’…

I’ve taken a look on the Hawk’s keyboard assignments. Auto-start/Auto-stop wasn’t there.
Do I need to assign some keys; no ‘auto-start’ on multiplayer allowed? User error?

*One more thing; the cannon disappeared. I can choose any payload with the cannon but, it doesn’t show up when playing. Bug?
The Hawk and the F-16 (mod) are my favorites rides, on DCS. I just hope that the Hawk’s development is not like the ‘Star Citizen’ one…

Any help would be appreciated, regards to all

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Autostart and Autostop commands and in the "Cheat" category of the Hawk's control assignments.
LWIN + HOME and LWIN + END are the Start and Stop commands respectively.

Note: I verified the above in DCS 2.1 SP. I did not check DCSW 1.5 or MP. Should all be the same though.

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The cannon missing on NTTR (2.???) relates to deferred shading and is a known bug

Apart from jjohnson's post maybe the server didn't allow auto-start?

The AHRS should only take 90 secs from switch on to align, so everyone else must have been quick to leave you behind
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So; it was ‘user’ error... didn’t look on the “cheat” category.

I’m on a mac, so in my case is ‘cmd + up left arrow’ and ‘cmd + down right harrow'.

*Regarding the multiplayer; almost everyone was on the F-15C and the A-10A. I was the only pilot on a Hawk. Maybe, because is not a “hot” airplane… I don’t care, I like alot! It’s a great airplane, to make me a better ‘virtual’ combat pilot.


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