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Да везде. )) Гуглится по Assetto Corsa Competizione. Другое дело, что читать особо нечего пока.
И судя по описанию, на полноценную вторую часть корсы это никак не тянет. Больше похоже на сайдпроект - промку конкретного чемпа. Посмотрим.
фил фоба не слаще...
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Originally Posted by artemeln View Post
А где эта инфа про Ассету? интересно почитать. ))

From Stefano on official forums:

"Physics was one of the very few things we could salvage and bring over from AC1 to ACC moving to UE4, everything else needs to be redone from scratch.

So from any point of view you can consider ACC physics as a direct evolution of AC1 physics with the added bonus of not having 170+ cars to update and check if we decide to make substantial changes.... this is giving me, Aris and the new physics dev that joined us Fernando the opportunity to get in pretty hard in some areas and make some substantial changes that we couldn't afford to do with a big released product like AC1.

We'll have plenty of time to dig into the details of it both before the EA and after, I'll just drop one big one here tho. Although it's not really something we'll see fully utilized in ACC because of the nature of the tracks we are going to include but the physics engine is now running full blown 64bit math all around, so, as far the physics is concerned, there are virtually no limits to how big a track could be, we could literally race to Mars and back without suffering much precision losses in the calculations... again, not really something that will create a huge change in ACC but still a thing I can geek out and be happy about "

About how programming is with UE4 compared to old engine:

"it a different mindset, we programmers had to spend more time figuring out how the engine wanted us to do things rather than write the actual code to make those things happen.
Day to day quality of life went a bit down for the programming team , the engine is HUGE, small modifications require very long compile times compared to AC1 that was built for fast iteration and was quite a joy to work with... that means A LOT of coffee breaks, lot of cursing a lot of opportunities to get distracted while the damn thing builds.. but, all the frustration pays back once you see what the graphics guys are able to put on the screen and realize it's all worth."
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Кстати, в крайней версии уже можно выбрать один из трех самолетов...
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