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Originally Posted by Bogey Jammer View Post
You mean that you are happy to have bought development updates ?
these updates arent Exclusive to people who jumped on pre orders. Besides it clear from updates and streams the Hornet is pretty darn close to Early access release. Thatts why the put it into pre release already. Its not like ED are con artists.



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I was joking.
It's good indeed to have development updates of a pre-paid product, it helps other to make the decision to pre-buy it and this helps trust.

But honestly I don't care a lot about development updates, I prefer to discover the whole thing when I put my hands on it. Moreover the development is so slow that even highly frequent updates can't suppress the hype torture.
But, what is more important for me would be development updates about post-released product fixing. The todo list gets bigger everyday.
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"The todo list gets bigger everyday."

I think there are likely more than one to do list being worked on by more than one group within ED. The people making jets are likely not the same people who are working on net-code and other engine issues. While I'd be happy to see updates on the engine, including testing video and that sort of stuff... I am fairly sure that the progress on new planes is only helping fund the progress on all of the other stuff.

If you're into racing at all think of new planes and other content as the sponsor... They sponsor the continued development of the underlying simulation engine . No sponsors... No racing.
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I am pretty sure that these updates are not the only thing that Wags does for Eagle Dynamics. It takes 20 seconds to upload a picture and 1 minute to upload a video.
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Often updates are one of the marketing methods to keep users (buyers) more connected to the product. In this case it is win-win situation. People get info about product development, and devs get the excitation of the people which means higer income when the result will be released
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Originally Posted by Bloodhound57 View Post
I am pretty sure that these updates are not the only thing that Wags does for Eagle Dynamics. It takes 20 seconds to upload a picture and 1 minute to upload a video.
Wags is the one who creates the tutorial videos and missions as well. All of the interactive early access Hornet missions have been created by him. He also lends his voice and instruction to various campaigns ..and that's only one aspect.

The dude is seriously busy and a huge asset to ED.

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I like weekly updates personally. not too often so that you are like "well yeah, thanks" and not too long that you are all "WTF feller!".
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Most definitely enjoying frequent updates! Much appreciated!
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Originally Posted by Bloodhound57 View Post
What Eagle Dynamics is doing with the Hornet is amazing. These updates, almost daily, are giving me a greater appreciation of how this module is being developed! I cannot thank you guys enough for that.

Thank you!

A satisfied customer.
It's cool and all, but personally, I'd really prefer it if all modules were completely finished first, and THEN announced as being available for sale. A guy can only take so much! I was *really* looking forward to that Typhoon

Just a personal preference, understand.

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