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Originally Posted by Rudel_chw View Post
The fact that not one third party has actually made a Map for DCS, should indicate that Map development is probably a worse deal than developing an aircraft ... my guess is that it takes quite a lot more man-hours to develop but the potential buyers dont want to pay much more than they do for a single plane.
Normandy was done by a 3rd Party.
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3rd parties need access to the SDK to make maps. Keep in mind the new graphics engine and so the SDK tools are fairly new and maybe not even finished.
So the fact that Normandy was done by UGRA-Media seems to indicate, that at least the SDK and tools are nearing a state, where we can expect more 3rd parties to hop on the train, yet I guess ED knows best how to run their very specific and niche business.

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A good reference here is VEAO,

I totaly understand how VEAO is perhaps a little frustrated at the moment, and are now holding back with their coding direction and strategies for their aircraft, they have been unlucky here and had some worse problems then others with all the changes going on to the core code. I'm sure these guy's would take a look at the Map SDK and build some maps in the future perhaps too, once the core code is settled in and locked down somewhat.
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"Market profit is Terrain but not Jets"

Any empirical data to back that up?

I'd say DCS has too few jet aircraft going for and it's growth on aircraft work is only giving breaths of fresh air, not the contrary.

NTTR + Caucasus and not even bothered about spending a week on a 10year old map that is Caucasus with a new AC. Every new map released it's a bonus and not a ticket out of boredom land.
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will the 3rd party support the project after their module launched 10 years?
that's a problem, if they could not keep update, the eagle dynamic have to take over their job.
from 2013 to now, there are many 3rd party module had launched, but everyone in the forums had seen their struggle and dilemma, not every studio could finish the job very well like eagle dynamic.
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Originally Posted by NeilWillis View Post
The issue hasn't been marketing strategy or anything else. It has been due to the fact that the base game is still under development, and will continue to be for some time to come yet.

Once 2.5 has been thoroughly debugged, you will see a sea change in development of both terrain and aircraft.

DCS World will probably continue to evolve for many years to come, but huge changes like the introduction of an entirely new graphics engine will cause issues all the way down the line for developers. I suspect a lot of map work has been shelved simply because the base code is still very volatile. Once it has settled down, things will move faster I expect.
------Well, I do hope so. And I do hope ED business get more and more booming.Thus they can invest much and hire more devs and boost the develop of official or 3rd party's maps. May some day, when I open the editor, there are dozens of terrain to choose, like we did in ArmA3's editor.
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2.5 is coming this year. Don`t worry, it all takes time due to many reasons, but generally that it`s all quality simulator. We waited for some 5-6 years for 1.5 alone. We`ll get there.

For those who don`t read cyrrillic, Chizh confirms that 2.5 will be this year.

Keep in mind that Strait of Hormuz is in the works as well as some sea/land map from Heatblur (wanted to say LN duh).
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Originally Posted by zerO_crash View Post
2.5 is coming this year. Don`t worry, it all takes time due to many reasons, but generally that it`s all quality simulator. We waited for some 5-6 years for 1.5 alone. We`ll get there.

For those who don`t read cyrrillic, Chizh confirms that 2.5 will be this year.

Keep in mind that Strait of Hormuz is in the works as well as some sea/land map from Heatblur (wanted to say LN duh).

If this is true it would be great news. 2.5 is way overdue, the sooner it happens the better as it will reduce the mess in which the current community is.

To have one client for all modules will make all the difference for me. Even if the modules like NTTR and Normandy would be marked as alpha, just the simple fact that I do not have to jump between clients to be able to use them will be a huge quality of life improvement.
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I think whether or not maps would be more profitable isn't actually tested yet. But to me, the level of effort required and skills required for map making seems less broad than for a military airplane, so the OP has merit in terms that he can't as yet be challenged as there isn't empirical evidence either way.

The follow up arguments though, are all correct, it's a developing platform and so we see less maps as modules than planes. I have to wonder though, if releasing less complex maps is something appealing to ED or 3rd parties? I saw VEAO dropped them from their wishlist recently. 2.5 as a platform would support more maps more easily, so pretty much when done, the actual answer of maps being a more enticing prospect will come then, rather than now.
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Originally Posted by Lao Fei Mao View Post
ED dedicates to develop all kinds of Jets simulator from old era to modern times. But the terrain developing lags quite behind. The caucasus is 10+years old, the Nevada and Normandy is still in Alpha stage. And we might wait another whole year to embrace the DSC World 2.5.....
I just want to say this is quite unwise market strategy. A new jet can only attract a few of players who love the jet. But a new terrain arena could absorb a bunch of players to try their flight in it. No matter casual one or hard core. More terrain, more freshing, more vitality, more profit. Don't just depends on the veteran to buy some classical jets to swell your wallet. And don't estrange the Steam platform. Speed up the terrian developing, Middle-east, Afghanistan, Siberia-Alaska, Korea peninsula, South-east Asia.....
I think that the number of servers for each map available in DCS pretty sums up why creating new maps just isn't a priority for any of the devs.
Although ED and many of us thought that the Nevada map would be the new dominating map, the numbers on the internet prove that it's just not all that popular. You have an average of around 130 servers for the old Caucasus map with it's old graphics, and all too familiar terrain and generic landscape, against maybe 20 servers for both maps in 2.0 combined.
Now....I love Nevada. I really cannot go back to Caucasus after flying it. The detail and awesome (IMO) landscape are so much better than Caucasus and I feel like I downgrade every time I go there. Even with the bugs in 2.1 I prefer either of it's maps to 1.5. But the truth of the matter is that a vast majority of DCS fliers still really love Caucasus. The reasons range from it's size and stability, to it's variety of landscapes and about a zillion other things I have heard. My findings are also based on conversations I have had on TS of people who aren't thinking about the lack of a dedicated server. It doesn't seem to come into play as predominantly as you may think. . Some people just hate the new maps and refuse to buy them.
To the contrary.......I know guys that have every aircraft that DCS puts out yet they do not own 2 out of the 3 maps. And the map they do own is Caucasus. I own almost every module in DCS and have not flown but maybe 5 of them. I know lots of guys in my same situation.
So I personally cannot speculate on marketing strategies, or what anyone should be doing with the development of DCS products (although I sometimes think that I can), but I can look at everything I see when I'm playing DCS and it's clear to me that they pretty much follow what's trending among their client base.
I could be wrong...I frequently am (ask my wife, she's an expert on that). But I know what I see.
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