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Default Weapon Loadout in the real world

Just wondering if in a real world scenario why wouldn't you load 3 AGM 65's everytime rather than 1 or 2? I know it would be specific to the mission but loading 1 on a rail seems plain silly. Is it a cost issue or just what's available?

Also... would it be unheard of to load up 6 AGMs and 10 GBU 10's for tank plinking?

What's everyone's prefered weapon mix?
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Co-worker was a crewman during 1st Gulf war, Alconbury Vultures. He was telling me that they did originally load 3 mavs, until they noticed the launches were burning the tires.
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its not a ridicule or anything. Depending on the warhead weight (ultimately the weight of the missile), you can load one K or G (heavy 300 kg warhead) or upto 3 lightweight H or D on a single LAU-113TER.

Its not unrealistic, but carrying that much missiles (6) demands nothing else loaded rather than a pair or two of GBU-38s.. You'll also want to lower fuel percentage below 100% total weight, and ultimately, balance the load between both wings. I'm seriously considering developing a Quartermaster app for the ipad2 (when I buy it), that will classify each weapon and provide the pilot an opportunity to use the ipad 2 as a data cartridge, which includes the mission plan (as loadout edit)..

Based on my initial findings, the AIM9 X2 equates to the Jamming pod. The TGP is equal in weight to the Rocket launcher LAU68 MK5 X7.
Those are a must have if you want to drop and not have to trim (or lightly trim) the aircraft with each Z markpoint (release)..

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Using maverick just makes your work too easy I think. If you take 6 mavs to every mission, it will get repeatative and easy I think mavs are expensive too
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I think it's weight. 6 mavs is a lot. Another load of GBU-10's on top of that means you will have no fuel, will need max power to keep speed up and extremely poor handling.
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One of the guys I fly with is a weapons guy for A-10s and confirmed that they never fly with three Mavs on a rack anymore, it's always just two (centerline and wing side) exactly for the reason Evil.Bonsai mentioned, it would burn the tires.
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On launch the inboard missile fitted to a LAU-88 can/will damage the main wheel. With a TGP fitted the outboard rail on a LAU-88 on the side of the TGP cannot be used, if a missile were fired from that station it would almost certainly cause damage to the pod, and possibly render it useless instantly.

Additionally, you have aircraft weight and drag to consider. Every extra pound of ordnance & fuel reduces your rate of climb, limits your top speed and altitude ceiling as well as reducing your maximum turn rate and general manoeuvrability.

Put simply, you don't carry 6 AGM-65s and 10 GBU-12s for the same reason you wouldn't carry a GPMG, Rifle, Pistol, Grenade Launcher, LMG, Javelin and 20000 rounds of ammunition as an infantryman. Just like you don't add more weaponry to one man, rather you add more men, in the world of military aviation you don't add more weapons you add more aircraft.

And of course the other big reason is that if you did carry 6 Mav, 10 GBU and a full load of ammunition, you'd never find enough targets to use them in the real world.

The heavy loads are tested and cleared for use (in theory) to allow for WWIII, Fulda gap, the entire Warsaw Pact army's coming over the hill type scenario. They are there because it's better to have something you'll never need, than need something you don't have.
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What Eddie said. Try flying with 2 mavs + 4 bombs vs your 'dream payload', and you'll see the difference ... assuming you know better than to fly at 100' altitude all the time.

Not only will all this weight prevent you from easily making yoru way up where the MANPADS don't go, it'll also make it very difficult to evade just about anything that comes up to bite you.

Finally, you're not even likely to use all that ammunition, so what's the point of hauling it around and reducing its useful lifetime? (Of course, that isn't modeled in the game - but if you want realism, 2 mavs + 4 bombs. )

Reminder: SAM = Speed Bump
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Most mission's i have seen for FC2, BS and A10 have such an amount of targets that they require you to go back home multiple times to rearm in order to complete the mission. (not saying its realistic, just mentioning)
So hauling 6 Mavs + 6 GBU + 2 CBU actually makes sense ingame.

At least, until some (preferably online) missions come around to change that.

For the record, no problems here getting the bird up to 10k to 20k ft whit mentioned payload.

Originally Posted by cichlidfan View Post
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Yeah, most of the MP missions out there I'll start with 6 Mavs, 6 GBU-12s, maybe 2-4 other things, some rockets and I'll end up having to rearm 2-3 times in a game with 3-4 other pilots.
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