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Originally Posted by MilesD View Post
Thanks for the suggestion 9echo,

FireCat had some dual cursor software running in the background interfering with PointCTRL.

Yes, I did and solved it thanks to Miles. So in the remote chance, anyone else has the problem or maybe something similar here is a possible solution depending on the circumstance.

In "Windows-settings-Bluetooth & Other" I had a Pluralinput Mouse 1.0 Drive error showing this was also in Device Manager under "Mice and other pointing devices"

How to resolve (well hopefully as it did for me.)

1/ Plugin the HMS.

2/ Now bottom right corner of your desktop click on the square [notifications] box then [All settings]-[Devices] under [Mouse, Keyboard & Pen]
If you have Pluralinput Mouse 1.0 showing click on it to reveal Drive error.

2/ Open device manager [Start]-[WindowsSystem]-[ControlPanel] click on Device Manager. In the window, you should now see the problem device in the drop-down under Mice and other pointing devices.

3/ Right-click on the problem driver and select uninstall. If a pop asks if you want to uninstall/remove the driver completely click yes.

Note. If there is more than one instance of the problem driver showing (I had 3) unplug the HMS (this left 2)and carry out the procedure. Plug the HMS back in if the problem driver reappears right click and uninstall then reboot the computer.

If all goes well on the reboot the HMS will now show in "Windows-settings-Bluetooth & Other" as PointCTRLV.1

On another note, PointCTRL puts DCS VR immersion on another level. I have spent the last 2 weeks in my headset enjoying every minute flying. It is now becoming so natural to point and click I could never go back to a mouse, it would quite simply destroy my emersion.

Miles, you are a true hero you have breathed pure oxygen into my office and made me giddy with joy. Yes, its Christmas all over again.

I spent a few days playing with the settings until I had it right for me. I first memorised the procedures and had a few dry runs looking at Miles great pdf's doing this made setting up a walk in the park. I found I had to keep my head very still looking straight out the hud as I went through the procedures to get the best results for me.

I would suggest anyone waiting for their PointCTRL start walking your self through the procedures in advance, Miles kneeboard is great to use if you need to, but there is nothing like being prepared. Imagine you have the FCU's on, then point at the photo's in the pdf and go through pressing the buttons in your mind and what to do if XYZ happens. Know it off by heart it will go along way to making setup run smoothly for you.

Big thanks to Miles and all the early testers what a great community we have.

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