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Originally Posted by bart View Post
Anyone know if the Spitfire canopy bug or the F18 radar elevation was fixed in this patch or was it a direct carry over from the beta, bugs and all?

The release version had neither bug, but the beta had both!. Wondering if the release has them now.

I can't check as I have my GPU out of my rig atm waiting on a replacement to arrive.....
I don't own the Hornet, but yes, the "stable" only caught up with beta, its bugs included.

Originally Posted by AG-51_Razor View Post
I'm sorry imacken, but it certainly appeared to me that the previous post on the Change log thread was for the Stable version and the one that appeared today looked like it was for the OpenBeta version. If I am mistaken, I apologize for taking up some of your precious time forcing you to read my uninformed blather.
Thuth to be told, I've only noticed after Imacken's post there are two separate changelog threads now. That's a surprise. There used to be one combined. A reasonable decision to split them I'd say.
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