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Had this problem for the fist time in a year, no more sound in the cockpit. It seemed to happen after blacking out
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There's not much data for the devs to investigate in your report
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Really annoying bug. So old and still there...
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Ran into the "no sound" problem today for the very first time. No sound in cockpit, but in external view.

So I have flown 13 mission of the relict campaign without any problems.

Today I tested the "operation secret squirrel" (https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...files/3306916/) and changed my missionscripting.lua as requested. After being shot down and taking the 2nd F86 I lost the engine sound during flight.

So maybe it has something to do with the revised missionscript.lua, since I had no problems before!?

Just a guess...

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Adding myself to the list of people who are experiencing this problem. Been flying Reflected's Hunters over the Yalu and have lost sound (as described in this thread) twice on mission 2. Radio chatter and external sounds still active, but in cockpit engine sound gone. I think it may have to do with G-effects, but not conclusive. I can reproduce issue in Nevada Dogfight Instant action consistently, after a few turns, which again leads me to believe it's G-Effect related?
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Hi all,

I am sorry this issue is taking so long.

The team is trying to make progress on this, but the old tracks we have do not play correctly, if you have a short track showing this issue please attach it we would be grateful.
I am trying to reproduce myself but have not been able to yet.
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