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Originally Posted by BaD CrC View Post
Yes, agree with you Eagle, we cannot really call the ABRIS multi function, it is more an advanced FMS with moving map. I am not saying the ABRIS is simplistic though. After 10 years I still have to learn many of its capabilities.
I use it primarily for the situational awareness via map and datalink targeting. But I as well build flight plans with it, search towns by their names, and have a HSI on it. I have never played the tetris on it, and never will. But for what it is, it is so far best moving map there is for tactical and strategic use.

It is nice how one can get the flight information with it, and especially the route you have been flying. And combining it with a Shkval and HMS one can use it greatway to map the tactics and command flight around the enemy. And what makes it very powerful is especially that one rotary knob with push function. Easy and simple to use in heat of combat.
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Originally Posted by Hook47 View Post
What semi-working feature? Do you mean as in the way the Gazelle released multicrew [...]

Originally Posted by Hook47 View Post
ED recently announced the Huey will be getting multicrew, so it's not like I'm mentioning something from years and years ago.
Again, Multicrew was a Huey and Hip feature right from the start.

It was never officially "un-announced", they just said it takes a little more time.

So if it takes BST/ED several years to implement this feature, even after several tandem pit modules have been released by themselves and 3rd parties, it seems a bit of a stretch to assert that it's sufficiently easy to achieve and Polychop just have to do it right.

Originally Posted by Hook47 View Post
Ultimately I return to my point that it's a must for the OH 58
Yeah, it sure wouldn't hurt to have it.

I'd still rather see them release a module with great flight characteristics and good systems modelling, instead of doing yet another unfinished attempt at Multicrew.

Anyway, with the latest information from Polychop it seems like they might give it a shot, if ED gives them access to the necessary API, so I'm hoping even more that this feature will come really soon for the Huey and the Hip.
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In fact Kiowa is magnificent.

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