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Default Wish: Course Deviation Indicator (CDI)

Dear Belsimtek developers!
I would like to request a Course Deviation Indicator (CDI) in the flight deck.


The NS430 is a great device. I have spent hundreds of hours turning its' knobs in real life - it's really almost like a little FMC and it's great to have it in the Mi-8. Flying online multi-squad missions under realistic conditions this is a tool that will help you a lot!
However the screen is a bit small and located on the pilot-navigator's side of the cockpit. A CDI on the captain's side could act as a "repeater". (Set up your flightplan and just follow your CDI).

It would as well bring up the possibility to use the NS430 VLOC function! On maps, such as Persian Gulf, where there are less NDBs and more VORs/TACANs it would increase navigation capability a lot! (Just don't forget to add some antennas for that to work! )

CDIs have been built into many real world Mi-8s, into different locations on the flight deck. I personally think, one on the captain's side and one on the pilot-navigator's side would be great! The GPS would also do fine on the forward part of the pedestal console.

Real world examples:
one two three

My cyclic stick - modded MS FFB2 and how to build one

My Mi-8 training videos

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