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Originally Posted by Chizh View Post
Тут я вижу одну очевидную проблему. Некоторым игрокам кажется что эффективность ракет Р-27 занижена, но никакой подтвержденной информации что это правильно/неправильно нет. Только спекуляции и домыслы.
Here I see one obviously issue. It seems to some players that the effectiveness of the R-27 missiles is underestimated, but there is no confirmed information that this is right / wrong. Only speculations.
Sorry for intruding on the Russian forum again.

I think with the new FM and if this bug gets fixed (R-27 going stupid and abruptly changing direction on the slightest loss of illumination) https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=253434

I think the effectiveness of the DCS increase a lot and get close to the RL.

It already has range very close to charts against non-maneuvering target, its just when its starts maneuvering it gets odd. And the bug causing it to abruptly and unrecoverable go for chaff on the slightest loss of illumination makes it look like its 'eating' too much chaff.

Again thank you for adding it to the plan, and I am really looking forward to it!
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