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Originally Posted by The_Fragger View Post
Many thanks for the kind words, guys I just need to say that this project is not completely dead. I just shifted 2 gears down . I will never give her up.
I have an exclusive license from Airbus to bring her out for DCS World.
That's the spirit!!
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allright, so what should be on the coders CV you'd need for your project here?
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Well I hope you can start work again Ollie at some point. The 105 would be a superb addition to DCS World. My wallet is always open to this module. Good luck.
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I recall there was a coder in that recently posted in the mod section with the intent of doing a full fidelity SU-17 mod, his issues was that he needed a 3d modeler. Maybe you guys could work out some sort of deal.
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First of all, thank you for being honest and open. I takes professionalism and courage to admit personal inability to deliver objectives. This sets out expectations to appropriate level. Well done.

The history of DCS shows that even more mature projects can be left abandoned so I am not disappointed nor I am surprised.
Coding such complex computer software is by no means no one man show.

With that being said, I find it somewhat unsettling that ED allowed for this to happen, as it seems you were not able to continue due to the lack of coder. I am not saying ED should deliver the coder themselves, but certainly they should be more involved in managing 3rd party projects, milestones and deliverables.
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Call Red Bull, they are 105 lovers, maybe there is an open door and some support.
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another Heli bites the dust!! I'm disappointed, I'm a heli fan!!!
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