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Default strange vickher behavior


So I've been flying Ka50 for quite a while and am pretty comfortable with the bird, however lately I have noticed strange vikhr behavior when playing online.

I would lock a target with Shkval, the target is in range, no obstacles between me and the target, broad daylight and when I release a vikhr it does not follow the laser beam and just falls into the ground. I know if I shot ML-25 before vikhrs I need to press LA reset. But this behavior happens occasionally when I am carrying only Vikhrs and LA reset does not work. Is this a bug or am I missing something?
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How long have you had the laser turned on?

If it is on for too long, it will overheat and then it will be unable to guide anything until it's cooled down.
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So I flew one sortie, shot all of my vikhrs, came back to FARP rearmed and flew to another target zone and the flight was over 30 minutes long so I assume the laser had enough time to cool down. But I guess after doing some digging on the forum it appears the laser has a finite amount of shots before it blows out. Am I understanding this right? Does using laser for ranging decrease it's lifespan?
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yes, it will degrade and eventually fail. Letting it properly cool down between usage helps to get out more Vikhrs before it fails.
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