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Default This module makes me smile

I don't know why, but this module makes me smile.

I haven't used it much, in fact, mostly ignored it since I got it during the sale in the spring. Before DCS I didn't know this aircraft existed so I'm not sure why I bought it. It's kind of cute looking, kind of like a pudgy fancy goldfish or a fat bulldog/pug or something.

Tonight I got Chuck's guide out again and tried doing some take offs and stuff. The cockpit with it's levers and spinny things is like some kind of advanced Rube Goldberg machine. It's well made and so different that it is intriguing.

I've mostly mastered handling the rest of the warbirds but hell if I can get this thing off the ground in a reasonable manner. A challenge! Good stuff!

Anyway, fun aircraft and good job to the dev that put this together.
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Yes, the Ishak (aka Rata, Mosca) is fun. I still fly it occasionally just to see if I can still survive the landing. And the machinery you have to use to get the undercarriage up and down is just incredible. And she is fun dogfighting with the other warbirds (AI of course), as the AI try to win in a turning fight and that's suicide as the Ishak, while not fast, can outturn every other warbird. And its firepower is amazing.
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