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it would definitely be a missed opportunity to not add at least some of the symbols.
hornet and viper already have threat rings. cant be that much of a problem to add them to hog

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With A10C II release coming very soon by end of this month i think i will revisit the original question

Originally Posted by Kev2go View Post
Im hoping to hear more news of A10C II's with regards to SADL and TAD function since with the current DCS A10C a vast amount was missing that the SADL we have right now is a barebones system.

TAD page should show SAM threat circles like you have on the F16 and F18 in thier respective HSD and SA pages. In the A10C these Sam threat circles originate either from preplanned information via data cartridge, memory, AN/ALQ 213, or via information updated via datalink along with thier unique symbols.

With the A10C there is also a subsection page called " threat table" that lists known threats.

SADL functionality and symbols should be expanded so its not just barebones where all you see are friendly flights or other A10's SPI's.

THe SADL is capable of showing, unknown and verified air threats like we see in link 16 equipped aircraft with radars that have detected and passed on the information through the network, as well as ground threats.

Also im wondering if will we have a COMM page accessible via MFD on this specific A10C? It shows AN/ARC210 preset channels

Will the above named features from original post come in? Although none of the videos Matt Wagner are dont were with regards to TAD/SADL i didnt notice any new symbols within TAD page that was visible within the videos.



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Man at least threat rings and custom zones should be a must

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but i would't get my hopes up, nothing about the TAD has been even remotely mentioned about the upgraded features for A10C-II

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