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Default F-16 or F-18

Hey Guys -

Thoughts on which jet would be better to start with? Guessing the F-18 is further along as far as feature list?

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Can't go wrong with either. At the moment the F-16 is my airframe of choice although I have been flying the A10c (Enemy within campaign). All that being said you may get more bang for buck since you can do carrier ops with F/A-18. Just my two cents.
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This is the F-16 forum, so of course those of us haunting it are predisposed to have a serious interest in the Viper.

My Hornet has been gathering dust since the F-16 came out. However, that's not a slight against the Hornet, simply a matter of how much I love the F-16, even in its current state in DCS. However, I'm definitely anxious to see more weapons and systems become available and working as they should be on the A2G front.

Right now, I'd say if you don't already know the answer *for you*, then you should probably go with the more complete Hornet. Otherwise, you would have bought the F-16 already. Anyway, six months from now, it will probably be a different story, or at least a more challenging one.

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Thanks Guys, appreciate the feedback. I'm going with the Viper first and will see how it goes. :-)
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If you’ve made your choice, then this is moot; but I would recommend the f-18. I fly both but the F-18 is just further down the development road. Things generally work the way they are supposed to so less bad habits learned. For me, it’s frustrating when something isn’t working and I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong, it’s a big or just an incomplete feature

Secondly and more importantly, yeah...dropping CBU-97’s is a blast and you can’t beat the damage to armored groups, but the F-16 is very weapons limited right now. LGBs, iron dumb bombs, rockets and cluster bombs. That’s it. The F-18 has the dumb and cluster bombs (no cbu-97) and rockets....but also IR and Laser mavericks, HARMs, Harpoons, JDAMs, JSOWs and the Walleye. Just makes it more versatile and allows for SEAD, anti-shipping and Poor weather precision bombing missions. Frankly, I also like that the F-18 carries the Aim-7. I enjoy playing scenarios occurring 1989-1992 and prefer not to take up a viper carrying only Aim-9s (AIM-7 also good for shooting when friendlies are down range and a mad-dog Aim-120 might lock on)
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I have both, but I'd recommend the Hornet first. There are more features implemented, and carrier ops give you a lot more things to master. More bang for your buck.
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I went to the Viper for 100% of my game play for the first 3 weeks after it was launched. However, I found myself going back to the Hornet more and more and now find myself never usually touching the Viper.

However, I am one that truly prefers Carrier Ops, just about every time I play. So that is a major factor for me.
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The only reason I reach for the Hornet these days is if I need to throw a HARM at something. I can't see me flying the Hornet much once the Viper gets Harms/ HTS and Mavericks. Then I'll be a happy camper.

All of the above is not surprising though. F4 was the first really serious combat sim I played and my brother spent a few years flying the F-16 so its really what I've been waiting for tbh. But everything everybody has said is true, currently the F-18 is just a more capable jet.

Nowhere near as pretty as the Viper tho.
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I cannot belive there will be many self-respecting DCS pilots who will not, eventually at least, own both of these without regret.

Letss say you love the F16, so you get the F16 module.

How long are you going to let the F18 module sit around before you try it out? How many sales will go by? Im guessing not many

What Im saying is, the question is moot, buy the first one your mouse reaches.
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