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Default GMK Correcting Mechanism

The DCS L-39 GMK Correcting Mechanism is not functioning according to the real aircraft.

The device is located in the rear cockpit on the right console. It is a round compass-like dial with one control and 2 needles. The long needle outputs the magnetic heading value as reported by the inductive transmitter and cannot be adjusted by the crew. The short needle is adjusted by the knob within a range -18 to +18 variation set according to local magnetic conditions. The setting of the variation only has an effect when the GMK system is in "MC" mode.

If the variation value is set to the zero position the NPP gauges in both cockpits will operate according to the magnetic compass value directly. If set to the local magnetic declination the NPP gauges will operate with respect to true heading.

For example Batumi is 6.5°E variation. An L-39 spawning there may initialize with +6.5 set on the inner scale to pre-set the correct variation for true reading.

List of incorrect behavior:
1. Turning the device knob results in the magnetic heading pointer changing.
2. Turning the device knob to 18 position results in 180 degrees of adjustment instead of 18 degrees (is the scale +-18°?).
3. Turning the device knob does not directly result in NPP course changing.
4. Multiplayer: Cockpit NPPs are not synchronized.
5. High rate sync is not occurring (with respect to changed variation) when MC/GC switch is moved to MC for one minute.
6. Slow rate sync is not occurring (same as 5) when turn rate less than 0.3 d/s.

Other incorrect behavior:
1. GMK failure simulate switch is simulating failure for both cockpits.
2. NPP course needle is moving with respect to heading card during GMK failure.
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I also question that too. Mind sharing the real world manual in PM?

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Default GMK

I also found errors. We will fix it. All changes will be reflected in the flight manual. Thank you.
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Over 953 days later several errors have not been corrected.
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