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Question Spring Tension mission 4 - a way to reach Mozdok?

In mission 4 of the Spring Tension campaign (Old lady), you get the decision to fly to Mozdok or to Bezlan (which is closer). Is there a way to make it to Mozdok though? I decided to go there, but when the engine vibrations appeared, I shut down the left engine. The old mi-8 did not have enough power anymore to keep the VVI stable even though I turned off de-ice and dust protection.

Therefore you simply lost slightly altitude over time. However, at this time, Mozdok and Bezlan where both out of reach. Thus, I ended up with a rolling landing maybe 20km away from Mozdok.

Does this mean, you simply can't complete the mission if you took the wrong decision? Or did somebody actually made it to Mozlov? I was hoping there's at least a trigger that checks if you landed.
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I only did this mission once and I diverted to Beslan (successfully), so I don't know if it'll be enough, but here are some ideas:
- Have altitude to spare before the vibrations start.
- Are you getting the amber or the red light (I forgot which one it was in the mission)? If it's the amber/caution light, you're not required to turn off the engine, just monitor it.

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I was pretty high, but....well, not high enough Maybe if you'd fly at the maximum altitude and if you'd reduce fuel at the beginning.

When I noticed I can't keep VVI at zero, I started APU and turned on the engine again. It didn't take long until it went on fire. I was able to delete the fire and turned off the engine again and shut down the fuel valve. In other words, not shutting down the engine was not an option

I guess it's just not meant to make it there. Your co-pilot anyway tells you "there's no way we'll make it till Mozlov. However, I didn't believe him and wanted to proove that we can make it. It wasn't meant to be though....
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Just finished Spring Tension, very enjoyable... after the end of the last mission, flying home with the music playing, sublime !

I did manage to make Mozdok on mission 4, shut down the bad engine when things started going south and kind of coasted in on one engine, was kind of a hard landing when I finally got there. it was close !

I can say that, despite some weird AI behavior, all of the missions are doable with the latest DCS updates applied.

Campaign is highly recommended, lots of fun, immersive... by the end you really get the feeling that you can make the MI-8 do just about anything you want !!

BTW, this is all in VR, really becoming the only way to fly ! And even more so for helicopters...

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