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ManOWar, I followed the speeds indicated in the manual, as stated in my post. Also dug up the book of Finnish flight tests on the 109G-2/6. There it was indicated that the trim wheel setting used in landing was 3..5, depending on fuel, speed etc. So quite a difference from DCS with 1-1.5 with same settings. There was also mention of the CoG relative to MAC. Allowable was 17-30%, but the normal CoG was 19-25% depending on loadout.

Also about the tail heaviness in tests. Test pilot described the force needed to lift the tail during take-off was "moderate compared to other planes" while force required for lift off was light. Also due this tail heavy feature 109G did not show any tendency to nose over even on hard braking, tail stayed on the ground.

Just testing stuff. I am not sure if test results of G-version applies to K-version straightforward though.
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Bear in mind a Bf109G-2 is a way different aircraft, way lighter, different weight and balance, different power, different torque effects due to that power and different propeller, different Wings with those big wheels bulges… I don't think G-2 can be compared in that matter with a K4 at all.

You're instructions say clearly, "trim +3 or as required/desired", so that's it.

Plane sits on 3 points at 145-155km/h
I don't think either that applies exactly to K4, it sits on ground at a higher speed due to all the above mentioned.

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Originally Posted by Flanker35M View Post

Tried landing per the instructions written for Finnish Bf109G-2/6 pilots. Worked fine except the trim needed to be considerably less than in the manual or the nose would try to skyrocket up. Instruction in short were: Slow to 300km/h and lower landing gear, lock tail wheel, open radiators(in cold weather later), drop flaps to 40deg(full down), counter nose down with trim 3 nose up or as desired. Keep speed at 200-210km/h during glide slope, 180km/h at threshold. Pull throttle back and gently flare. Plane sits on 3 points at 145-155km/h. During roll out keep direction with rudder, use brakes when speed drops. Keep stick pulled back. Plane has no tendency to nose over even on hard braking.

So works in game too except had to keep trim at around 1-1.5. Otherwise had to really push stick forward to keep glideslope. With less trim the plane went very nicely and lands easily on 3 points.
G maby, but we have K-4 trim may changed a bit.
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