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Default Hawk weapons release does not release

After many attempts and carefully following the instructions in the manual I cant release the bombs during the ground attack option.

I have no difficulty firing the cannon and ejecting the ordnance, but using the space bar and/or the allocated button on my joy stick does not release the bombs.

I have experimented by selecting both pylons, alternating between the pylons, fusing the tail of the bombs as recommended in the instructions and fusing the nose of the bombs.

I should point out that my simulator interests are in gliders which I flew in real life, the Cessna 172 which I have very limited real life experience flying, and the Hawk which I have absolutely no real life involvement so rely on the DCS Hawk to satisfy my interest in the Hawke.

So although my interests are in general aviation I like the DCS Hawk because it introduces me to military aviation and challenges my simulator flying skills.

It may or may not be relevant but I only use VR.

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Hi , I think this is similar to another post “no outer pylons”.

VEAO changed the weapons in a recent update and effectively moved the bombs to the inner pylons, if you run a default mission the bombs are on the outer pylons and I don’t think the systems can “see” the bombs.

If you create a new mission and place the bombs where they now default to, it should work.

I assume you turned the selector switch under the cannon switch to “B”, because I’ve forgotten this one before!
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