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I am thoroughly enjoying VR, but:
1) not all games/sims support VR, Falcon 4.0 being one of them.
2) the horrible resolution is almost insufferable for any kind of combat if you don't use icons.
3) TrackIR or its cheaper alternatives are markedly cheaper than any VR solution and combined with a large monitor provide a very similar environment with dramatically better looking graphics.
4) VR only works well if you have a control solution that can handle you being blind to its existence or you don't mind peeking through the very small slit around your nose.

When I play Falcon 4.0 BMS with TrackIR, I am instantly reminded what it is like to have great graphics and the ability to see what button I am pushing on my Thrustmaster MFDs instantly instead of wasting critical time feeling for them. My ability to type without looking at a keyboard and the little bumps that identify the home keys are the only things that really makes it possible for me to survive with a VR headset on for the many controls that are not on a HOTAS. On the flip side, TrackIR has to have a fairly high gain to allow you to look behind you without your eyes leaving the screen and it almost constantly needs to be recentered. This was tolerable when the alternative was a POV hat. But once you have enjoyed 1:1 tracking with a wide field of view, TrackIR is very annoying. VR still has a way to go. The existing field of view is both too small and too low of a resolution. The resolution increases coming in the near future aren't enough to fully solve either problem, much less both of them.
Graphics and cpu power need to increase dramatically... at a consumer friendly price!

So, if you can't afford VR, or if you can afford to buy both, I still recommend a TrackIR or suitable equivalent for the next few years. TrackIR would be wise to dramatically improve their product (perhaps using two sensors) and at the same time cut their monopoly induced high price or they will be out of business sooner than need be. If I were Oculus Rift or Vive, I would make the screen removable for the head tracking unit. so for games that don't support VR, it could be used with a large monitor just like a TrackIR but with smoother, more accurate tracking. If they provided something like that, I could permanently retire my Track IR right now.
TrackIR has been way overpriced for the hardware/software they provide compared to VR sets. $150 for a sensor and a headclip plus software is way too much compared to $400 for Oculus with a display, two sensors, and two controllers. But for the longest time they were the only game in town and made arrangements for only their software to be supported. But TrackIR worked very well for me over the years, so I got my money's worth anyway and would still recommend them as the best alternative to VR for reliability and compatibility.

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