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Yes, only presets can be used in the R-828, same as the KA50.

For VHF homing, use the ARK-UD on any of its 6 preset channels (found in ...Mods\aircraft\Mi-8MTV2\Cockpit\Scripts\Devices_specs\Radio\ARC UD.lua)

For FM homing (R82, set the R828 function to compass and follow the bearing indicator on the HSI.

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Originally Posted by Backdraft View Post
SO Unknown, is that what you are saying? You cannot tune in to a FM freq given say by a ground unit or a trigger to tune into while in flight. only presets can be used?
Maybe i'm just misunderstanding you, do you only want to tune in a frequency to communicate with an unit or do you want to communicate on frequency xxx with unit 1 which tells you frequency yyy to home in on unit 2? Tuning in a frequency "on the fly" for communication is done like already described, see picture. But if you want to tune in a frequency for homing in on a unit(getting a direction to the unit) you can use the ARK-9 for this BUT you can't use the frequency 40.50MHz FM only between 0.100 and 1.300MHz AM/FM. For that case see the little quick and dirty video attached. If you are talking about none of this cases just ignore me because i got it all totally wrong then.

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