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Harrier is a lot of fun, had many hours enjoying it.

Worth it full price in my opinion, but you will get many opinions here some more out spoken than others.
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At full price? Yes but with the caveat that you should research the difficulties the module has had. Bugs and at times slow progress. I feel its at an "Almost there" state now.

At half off? Absolutely.

The Vtol/stol is a lot of fun and it pretty capable while being so much fast than the A-10.
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At half price its a no brainer, well worth it. A unique aircraft in DCS.
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Yes - it's quite interesting to fly. Will be a while before you start bumping into the bugs, even for Harrier... That said almost no product is perfect here and even the Viggen is considered somehow beta/EA.
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I really enjoy flying mine, and have done since launch.
Sure, it would be better if the niggly bits were finished (e.g. point-track still not functioning as expected), but for all of that, it's one of my favourite modules, and I do own most of them.
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We have been flying the Harrier since release here at UK Navalops and we think it's a fantastic plane. Sure there are a few features still missing but SHOW STOPPING BUGS?????? Just don't listen to these people as they are the same people who moan all the time and frankly probably don't know their elbow from their ass so just don't listen to them...The harrier is great at no matter what price
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Don't expect A-10C quality. It has more than a few bugs, some inaccuracies when it comes to systems etc. So if you like truly "study sim" level you might be dissapointed. However, if you want vtol fun and you are not too picky about issues, it is a pretty good module at half-off.
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At half price it is good value but being still in early access around two years on there are things being worked on by Razbam albeit from the outside it appears that the progress has slowed down considerably. But it is in my opinion the most fun CAS aircraft in DCS and I think that when it is completed it could rank as one of the top handful of fixed wing modules. The question though is how far away are Razbam from completing I?. Bottom line you have to determine are you happy to accept it in it's current early access state, with the baggage that accompanies an early access experience.
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It absolutely is worth it!! I'd go so far as to say that it is definitely worth the full price as it is right now with the couple of warts that it still has. You'll not be disappointed with the purchase of this module.
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Hi, just bought the harrier yesterday, its great to fly (played Av8b as a kid in the 90's!) but have no idea how to actually work it!!
where are the training missions or operational manual?
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