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Originally Posted by Tobi1304 View Post
I‘ve seen enough CH-53 and CH-47 flying to tell you they are far from non-maneuverable.

Absolutely +1, especially since the MH-53 would fit perfectly with the Tarawa and the Harrier.
CH-46 would be cool also.

I could not possibly agree more with this sentiment but unfortunately, we will be hard pressed to use the CH-53 on board the Tarawa until either RAZBAM or ED fixes the spawn points for helicopters.

Having said that and knowing the development cycle for something as complicated as the -53 is going to be a long one, I am very hopeful that the problems with helicopter operations on the Tarawa will be fixed by the time the Super Stalion appears.
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Sorry, been away from this thread for a bit… what is the verdict on the overwhelmingly favorable pole on big choppers? Wasn’t there a little tease on the 53 somewhere?
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Originally Posted by rjetster1 View Post
Sorry, been away from this thread for a bit… what is the verdict on the overwhelmingly favorable pole on big choppers? Wasn’t there a little tease on the 53 somewhere?
Quite some time ago now ( like, 2017? ). I don't think many people are going to turn down a big heli, my personal opinion is that it needs a unique feature though ( hence why I was backing the MH-53 over the CH ). Would put a ( Naval ) Lynx over a big chopper though, myself.
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Ch 53
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The truth of the matter is that if you build it, they will buy! That being said, I would LOVE to see a UH-60 in Blackhawk, Seahawk, Pave hawk, and Jayhawk variants. Be nice to consider some coast guard options for S&R. The differences between variants is relatively minimal. Of course, would love to see the Chinook, CH53, CH46, and even the old MASH Unit CH47 with passenger baskets.

Is it obvious that I am a helicopter guy?
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CH-53E Super Stallion, or the Chinook

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I like the idea of the Chinook, the Black hawk and the Stallion. DCS troop AI and general functionality of units needs to be updated. From what I've read, a single soldier on the ground takes up just as much server resources as an aircraft carrier so hauling troops in MP would need some code rework.

I'd love to sling some tanks/internal haul troops though.
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I would buy a CH-47 Chinook before others, because of the tandem rotor design. I think this would be a unique pilot experience in DCS. I agree with comments about improving infantry/AI to get the most out of it.

Suppose a CH-46 would check the same box; seems like Chinooks used by more countries/services and produced in greater numbers, while Sea Knight was primarily USMC. Still, amphib ops, Tarawa etc...
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+1 from me on a big helo. There's just something about big and powerful beasts that makes you feel good.

Any big helo would do for me but tandem rotor would certainly be good for variety and a Sea Knight would go really well with the Tarawa.

Mi-26, CH46 or CH47, CH53 or MH53. It's gotta be BIG! Puma ain't big enough
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chinook looks like a taco with 2 giant rotors. But ch53 is one of the sexiest thing on earth
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