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Originally Posted by P61 View Post
[Vodka]LazzySeal MiG-28 or MiG-21
I'll put you as a MiG-28 pilot first, and if someone misses the event for the MiG-21, you'll fill in.

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As an Allied player, hearing this would make my heart sink.

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Here's a message I've just sent out to everyone involved, posting it here just in case I missed someone.


on Thursday, 18 June at 8 PM CEST JG-1 will be hosting a joint practice session codenamed Brotherhood-19-1 for all REDFOR pilots who signed up for Red Alert 2.

Our goal is to get to know each other, as well as practice tactics and communications. However, out primary concern is coming up with a basic plan of action for the actual event.

We recreated the RA2 mission as best we could, with AI standing in for real F-14 and F/A-18 pilots. Though we cannot guarantee that it will have more than a passing resemblance to the actual mission, that is of little significance. As long as we work as a team and know what the others are up to, we will stand a good chance of wiping out the imperialist invaders.

On Thursday we will be joined by our Bulgarian friends from 2IAE. However, due to real-life commitments they will not be able to join us for Red Alert.

Here is a link to a Discord channel we set up for the practice session. The link is non-expiring. Please set your microphone to push-to-talk. It is important that we maintain a modicum of comms discipline.

[server details redacted]

Please let us know if you are able to join us or not.



Offz.-S., 1

2.JS, JG-1 „Fritz Schmenkel”
I redacted the Discord server, mission name and password, just so we don't get any unwanted attention. PM me for details if needed.

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