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Originally Posted by sobek View Post
It is for merlins. These engines feature 1940s metallurgy, every start up is one nail to the coffin of such an engine. It goes so far that some operators have installed after market pre oiling pumps to their engines to pressurize the oil system for a few minutes before engine start up after a prolonged downtime. This can be seen in the video of Kermit Weeks operating his P-51.
All big engines need pre oiling event today big piston engines require before start presurise the oil system. For small engines like in car engines the pre oiling has so small factor in engine life span that nobody uses this. but in big engines its a wholle difrent world.
Another thing is that nowaday p-51s flight very rarely it could be like couple weeks between flights so owners of the old planes want stretch the life of the engine to max.
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The P51 needs 40c Oil temp before flight in DCS or otherwise expect a failure. The oil Temp Auto switch will not regulate the temp with any effect. Watch on climb out at 46inches MAP and 2700 Max Cont power at 170MPH indicated Airspeed it will red line. Open the oil cooler and it will come back to 85c This is a problem for the DCS Mustang
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