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Originally Posted by zhukov032186 View Post

Scenario A : Enemy is energy superior or too eager
At the last moment you go directly vertical, chopping throttle, deploying brakes and or flaps (flaps help maintain controllability) and maneuvering gently to avoid being run over as the enemy overshoots. If you keep track of him, it is often possible to roll and pursue possibly even taking a snapshot.

While often performed vertically, they don't have to be, I've dome similar stuff horizontally, but it is even more imperative the conditions are precisely right.

A good pilot (top 20%) will never get close enough for you to get him with something this obvious, trying to is nearly guaranteed to get you killed. It's almost exclusively used against noobs and mediocre pilots. In order for it to work, your opponent has to set himself up so completely that by the time he realises he's closing on you it's already too late.
Originally Posted by TLTeo View Post
Alternatively, you can let him close and hit the breaks
This is how this is done with style for real....Ape does explain how to try and fool someone into it with this tactic (Watch the slight positioning). Many good tactics here Combat Moves / Tutorials


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"Last ditch" is what you call a maneuver to maximize the distance between a missile homing on you so that best case you have minor damage to the jet and worse case you survive enough to eject. Seems that the show is showing different types of jinks. I would not recommend trying these in DCS because high AoA performance is still not well modeled.
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