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Originally Posted by DieSaureGurke View Post
Inverted flying over a mig 28 to take a foto. After that it can't be a long time period until I "try" the functionality of the ejection seat
Hmmmm...come to think of it....no one ever asked this as much as i know, but:
"Heatblur? Does Jester carry a polaroid?! And if so, can he be told to photo stuff?"
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I might put the F-14 through some departures and flat spins and a few other cool moves.
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Of course, the correct answer is carrier landings.
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Mach 2 with my hair on fire.
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Easy, pull up the manual on my iPad, load up DCS and get head down in the Rios seat learning that darn impressive radar system.

Hell I’ve been flying different aircraft for over a decade on DCS, I’m really looking forward to learning a new aviation role despite knowing it’s gonna take a long time to become proficient at it.

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^^^^ This gent warms my heart. ☺️
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