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[QUOTE=Flamin_Squirrel;3762370]What kind of feedback are you expecting?

Lots of aircraft with PFCU's and Hydro-mechanical systems provide force feedback, yes a lot did use springs but the spring rate was variable dependant on airspeed. Light aircraft with non-powered systems obviously only provide aerodynamic feedback. The TM Warthog allegedly has the same basic spring pressure as the A10C. For information, the F100 uses hydraulic controls that are reversible, the hydraulics augment the pilot's input so he/she does receive feedback in the normal way.
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Originally Posted by Flamin_Squirrel View Post
What kind of feedback are you expecting?

Many aircraft with hydralic non-reversible controls have their artificial feel provided by springs (I think the F5 included, but couldn't confirm). Your desktop does't replicate the feel of the real thing, but that's because it doesn't provide the throw or resistance of the real thing, not because of lack of 'feedback'.

I think many simmers don't realise you simply aren't going to get forces transmitted from the control surfaces back to the stick in any aircraft with powered controls like this (I mean this as a general statement; no offence intended if you already knew this).
Apparently the F14 uses bob-weights to provide a counterforce to pulling on the stick in relation to the g forces acting on the airframe, maybe the F5 has something similar?
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Quite possibly yeah. It's a shame the F5 manual doesn't detail how it works.

Either way, the point I was trying to put across is that a lack of FFB isn't necessarily the handicap some think it is.
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it flies fine, if your expectation is that it is going to fly like a P-51 and not an F-16.
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Originally Posted by Czar66 View Post
It sounds like you're in the correct path but not with enough flight time on the bird.

Give yourself more time to get used to it. It is a "interesting" plane to fly in terms of controls but it is not a hard bird to tame overall.

I'd bet 80% of your problems are due to that. Use the curves.
I've seen some weird behavior when trying to trim. I've reduced power only to have the nose climb. Something is off, I'm just not sure what it is.
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